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SH2 Wairarapa highway improvements

15 March 2023


March 2023 update

Welcome to our March update on the SH2 Masterton to Carterton safety improvement project.


Construction of the retaining walls at Ngaumutawa involves steel reinforcing with a formwork mould built around it, and concrete is then pumped into the mould.

Ngaumutawa intersection

Construction of the new retaining walls at the “Tumu corner” of Ngaumutawa Road is now completed, and the new main stormwater drainage system, subsoil drainage for the new retaining wall, and the new kerbing is in place. Work on the new footpaths in this area is now underway.

The focus at Ngaumutawa will soon shift to the opposite side of SH2 for the installation of the subsoil drainage for the next new retaining wall which will be built in this area.



Norfolk Road

On Norfolk Road all kerb prepping is complete, and the new kerbs are now in place. On the Cornwall Road end, kerbing is in progress, and kerb prepping is now underway in the Balance Corner area.

As part of our approved traffic management plan (TMP), a new temporary roundabout has been put in place at this intersection to allow for preparation works to take place. This includes milling of the northbound and southbound approaches to the new roundabout, as well as milling of the actual roundabout area. This process involves grinding off the old road surface to the base, or subgrade level to allow preparations for the new surface to take place. Once this is completed, the exposed subgrade will be stabilised in preparation for the construction of the roundabout. This work is taking place mainly during the night to minimise disruption to traffic.

Please take extra care as you pass through this temporary roundabout. The surface will remain unsealed for some time but will be sealed before Easter.


Subsoil drainage, widening works, and preparation for kerb currently underway at East Taratahi Road.

Wiltons roundabout

On the Wiltons Road end all swales are now done and driveway culverts completed, with the southern section of kerbing also in place.

The daytime closure of East Taratahi Road is still ongoing, to allow for subsoil drainage systems to be completed and to finish off the widening works and preparation for kerbing, which is currently underway.

From mid-March a temporary roundabout will be set up at Wiltons Road, to allow for milling works to commence in preparation for the construction of the Wiltons roundabout. This will involve a similar process to that under way at the Norfolk Road intersection.


Overnight bitumen spraying underway as part of the road widening.This is followed by chipsealing.

Midblock sections

In the mid-sections between the roundabouts, widening of the section from Ravensdown to the Parkvale Stream is now completed, with swales done and service utility lines finished. The concrete barriers which are currently placed in this area will be removed towards the end of March. 

Road widenings are ongoing in various other areas through these sections.


Kerbing being placed at the Southern turnaround.

Southern turnaround

At the Southern turnaround all the swales are done, and the first section of kerbing is now completed and preparation of the subgrade for pavement works will start once the utility lines have been connected.



Road closures and stop/go traffic management

East Taratahi Road at SH2 will remain closed on weekdays during the daytime (from 7:00am-6:00pm) until late March 2023 for the construction of the Wiltons Roundabout. During this time residents will be able to enter East Taratahi Road via Hughes Line.

Areas of work which is disruptive to traffic and requires stop/go traffic management is done during nightshifts where possible to minimise disruption to traffic.

Our crew working on the Masterton to Carterton safety improvements will be off the road from midday Thursday 6 of April until 10:00pm Monday 10 of April for the Easter break.



More information


Thank you to everyone using SH2 for your patience, care and understanding while driving past our work sites.

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