2 January 2022 | View in Browser
Coronavirus (COVID-19) | Update for Residents and Families

Dear Resident or Family Member,

RE: COVID-19 UPDATE – Calvary Flora McDonald Retirement Community

We wish to inform residents and families that unfortunately two (2) additional residents and two (2) additional staff members have tested positive to COVID-19 at Calvary Flora McDonald.

The newly diagnosed residents are fully vaccinated and are residents of Maureen Meany and Joseph Tappeiner. The affected residents, their families and doctors have been contacted directly by Calvary and provided with health and wellbeing updates.

This brings the total number of confirmed active positive cases at Calvary Flora McDonald to 15 fully vaccinated residents and 14 fully vaccinated members of staff.

We want to assure residents and families that Calvary care staff continue to closely monitor the health and wellbeing of all the residents in our care, and are in regular communication with all residents and families.

A further round of PCR testing of residents and staff has commenced today and we expect to receive the results of this testing in the next 48 hours. The retesting of residents and staff will continue at intervals as advised by SA Health.

We will update you again as soon as any information is available.

The home is closed to visitors until SA Health has deemed it safe to reopen. Residents and their loved ones can stay connected by making phone calls, sending letters, cards or text messages, or by using our WebEx video call service.

Calvary continues to work closely with our hospitals, Calvary Community Care, SA Health and the Commonwealth to ensure staffing requirements continue to be met in maintaining the safest possible environment for residents and staff at this time.

We will continue to contact the listed person responsible for each resident and email an update with any developments. You can help us to ease anxiety by please sharing this information with other family and friends.

Please be assured that our dedicated staff are working hard to keep all residents safe from infection. We kindly request that contact with the home is minimised due to the increased workload on staff.

Thank you for your continued patience at this challenging time. We are grateful that families are working with us so generously to ensure the safety of your loved ones in our care.

For more information and situation updates, please visit http://www.calvarycoronavirusupdates.org.au/


Martin Bowles     National CEO  

Sharon Kendall   Regional CEO – SA/NT