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October 2019


SH11 Paihia to Puketona & SH 1 Moerewa to Kawakawa

Safer speeds for your roads - summary of engagement

People in your community have told us that the speed limits on SH11 between Puketona and Paihia and SH1 between Moerewa and Kawakawa feel too high to be safe.

What we heard

In July and August we asked what you thought about both the current speeds and the proposed limits on these two stretches of state highway.
Thank you to the hundreds of Northlanders who gave us their thoughts. Here are the main themes of what you told us:

SH11 Puketona to Paihia:

  • Lower speeds were justified between Puketona and Haruru.
  • People supported a lower speed in Haruru and felt this should be extended to include Watea.
  • People felt Haruru to Paihia should also be included in this speed review as this area is also unsafe.
  • People felt more signs were needed to remind people of what the speed limit in the area is.

SH1 Moerewa to Kawakawa:

  • There was support for lower speeds over the three bridges.
  • The speed between Kawakawa and Waiomio should also be looked at.
  • Speeding drivers made it unsafe for people walking, especially children in Moerewa.
  • People were driving too fast for the conditions, and overtaking dangerously.

Click here for the full engagement summary for SH11 Pahihia to Puketona.

Click here for the full engagement summary for SH1 Moerewa to Kawakawa.



Review of current speed limits

What we’re now proposing
We’ve looked at these community insights alongside our technical analysis of what is the safe and appropriate speed for this road. We are now coming back to the community to formally consult on the following proposed changes to speed limits:

SH11 Puketona to Paihia

  • Reducing the speed from 100km/h to 80km/h between Puketona and Paihia.
  • Reducing the speed from 70km/h to 60km/h in Haruru and extending this area to include the turn-off into Watea.
  • Reducing the speed to 80km/h from 135m west of Nautical Drive to the junction with SH10, Puketona.

SH1 Moerewa to Kawakawa

  • Reducing the speed from 100km/h to 80km/h between Moerewa and Kawakawa.
  • Reducing the current 70km/h speed limit in Moerewa to 50km/h, so that the whole township becomes 50km/h.



Have your say

Formally consulting on these proposed speed limits gives locals and others who are interested an opportunity to let us know if there are any other factors that we should consider when making our decision.

You can provide feedback:
- online via
- or email it to

Consultation closes on 26 November.



More information


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