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Have you recently been thinking to yourself, “I really wish another men’s sport would form an ill-thought-out and poorly timed super league?” Well then today is your lucky day. Start scrolling!


Quote of the week

I’m her style icon; she looks up to me in the fashion world...she definitely is probably my closest friend. We spend a lot of time together, we do everything together.

— 2017 U.S. Open champion Sloane Stephens, when we asked her about her (v. fashionable) mom, former collegiate swimmer Sybil Smith. They’re not a regular mother/daughter duo, they’re a cool mother/daughter duo.

Sloane Stephens hugging mom and crying after match
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⛳️ Super freaky

Golfers on putting green
Source: Peter Morrison/AP Photo

The GIST: While another exciting LPGA event tees off in Thailand, men’s golf looks to shake things up.

The idea: A golf super league to rival the PGA TOUR, initially called the Premier Golf League and now the Super Golf League (SGL), has been proposed. We know what you’re thinking: “Not this again?!” But, despite its poor timing just two weeks after soccer’s European Super League debacle, the SGL has been somewhat well-received.

  • Word of the SGL has been floating around for at least a year, but with some solid financial backing from Saudi oil magnates, organizers are now ready to get it off the ground.

The set-up: The league has started reaching out to players to join, and only the best of the best are receiving invitations. Golfers like world No. 1 Dustin Johnson and No. 10 Brooks Koepka (pronounced KEP-ka) are being asked to play in the 18-event season starting September 2022 that would have them compete both as individuals and teams.

The payout: If it comes down to it, players will have to choose between the legacy of the PGA and the “money grab” of the SGL. And if they go for the latter, they’ll likely face a permanent ban from the PGA TOUR.

  • And even though the PGA TOUR recently announced a $40-million Player Impact Fund for the game’s 10 biggest social media stars to split, the SGL could see each participant earn at least $30 million a year. Uh, where’s our invite?

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Our latest episode of The GIST of It. Following Caitlyn Jenner’s recent comments about banning trans girls from public school sports, co-hosts Ellen Hyslop and Stephanie Rotz dive deeper into the trans exclusion movement happening in the U.S.

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