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Corbels are formed and encased in concrete ready for a new beam at Waokauri Bridge


State Highway 20B Early Improvements Project Update

29 May 2020

Kia ora koutou,

State Highway 20B Project Updates keep you up-to-date with project progress and upcoming physical works on State Highway 20B.


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Recovery and relocation of native fish

We are working hard to protect native freshwater fish in the ecologically fragile streams along SH20B.

Using specialist techniques with some help from our friends at Bioresearches, we carried out native fish recovery over four days and three nights in early March before our invasive earthworks started outside Manukau Memorial Gardens.

Our team used sandbags and cloth to form downstream and upstream barriers.  Four Marmite baited (yes really!) fyke nets and twelve Marmite baited minnow traps were used to lure fish into an area where they could be safely collected.


76 fish safely recovered and re-homed

A total of 76 fish were safely recovered from the outlet pool and no fish were injured!  These include inanga (Galaxias maculatus, shown above), shortfin eels (Anguilla australis) and banded kōkopu (Galaxias fasciatus). 

They have been successfully re-homed 200 metres down the stream and are now enjoying their tranquil lives away from our heavy machinery. 

Their new home was specially selected for its deep pools and overhanging vegetation.


Karol Brooks; a ray of sunshine at the SH20B Early Improvements Project


Introducing our on-site Safety and Environment Manager Karol Brooks

Karol ensures all construction staff at SH20B know the rules - from what to wear (PPE), to specific safety and environmental compliance.  In the last 127 project days she has led more than 150 on-site staff inductions at SH20B.  She always encourages all members of the team to assess and report risk and `think smarter' about how to operate.

With a varied background in operations management along with time spent raising and caring for family, Karol has been working in safety and improvements for more than 17 years.

“I enjoy every moment of my job and I particularly enjoy the sense of connection and engagement across different teams here at SH20B.  As individuals, we all want to go home safely at the end of each day.  We also have a responsibility as part of a team to be leaders in safety and looking after the environment.  I get huge satisfaction from being able to offer guidance and leadership to all our people whether they are responsible for holding a stop/go paddle or leading the team in solving complex engineering issues.”



What we did last week (18 - 25 May)

  • Installation of a large manhole chamber near the entrance of Manukau Memorial Gardens
  • Continued undercut works at Manukau Memorial Gardens (90% complete)
  • Started wick drain trials at Manukau Memorial Gardens
  • Continued Waokauri Bridge corbel works
  • Completed erosion and sediment controls between the Auckland Airport Aviation Security gate and Pukaki Creek Bridge
  • Continued earthworks at multiple locations between Pukaki Creek Bridge and Campana Road
  • Carried out service location works throughout the site
  • Continued stormwater drainage near the southern Auckland Airport public viewing platform

Activities for this week (25 May - 1 June)

  • Wick drain installation and fence works continue at Manukau Memorial Gardens
  • Digging out soft material at the culvert extension and backfilling with granular material ready for drainage at Manukau Memorial Gardens
  • Undercut works and backfilling continue between the Auckland Airport Aviation Security gate and Campana Road
  • Earthworks start between Pukaki Creek Bridge and the Auckland Airport Aviation Security gate
  • Earthworks start between Campana Road and Waokauri Bridge
  • The storm water drainage begins from the Auckland Airport Aviation Security gate to Orrs Road
  • Waokauri Bridge corbel works continue
  • Starting site clearance at 431 Puhinui Road ready for drainage works
  • Exposing the fuel line at Campana Road, completing wrapping and back-fill with sand.

What’s happening next week (1 - 8 June)

  • Night works near Waokauri Bridge with Stop/Go traffic control in place starting at 9pm Tuesday 2 June.
  • Undercut works and backfilling continue between the Auckland Airport Aviation Security Gate and Campana Road
  • Service investigation works continue throughout the site
  • Bulk excavation of the swale outside Manukau Memorial Gardens to the west
  • Drainage works continue at 431 Puhinui Road
  • Cutting benches and installing wick drains outside Manukau Memorial Gardens
  • Earthworks begin south east of Waokauri Creek
  • Corbel works continue at Waokauri Bridge

Please note that these works are weather dependent and may be delayed.

Looking ahead

  • Night works for utility services across Puhinui Road
  • Installation of an 18-tonne bridge beam at Waokauri Bridge at night
  • Relocation of the barriers at night to facilitate shared path improvements



The speed limit for SH20B is 50km/hr from Manukau Memorial Gardens to Pukaki Creek Bridge. Please drive safely and allow extra time for your journey.



Contact us

Please call us at 0800 796 796 or email if you have any questions about the SH20B Early Improvements project.



Project overview


Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency and Auckland International Airport Limited are upgrading State Highway 20B for better and more reliable travel options with a new shared path and additional priority lanes between Pukaki Creek Bridge and State Highway 20.

This project will integrate with improved transport facilities within the airport precinct along SH20B and at the upgraded Puhinui Station Interchange.

The project is the first step of the Southwest Gateway programme to provide better public transport, walking and cycling facilities with safer and more efficient freight movements to, from and around Southwest Auckland.

Fulton Hogan undertakes this work on behalf of Waka Kotahi.

Key early improvements on State Highway 20B to be delivered by 2021 include:

  • A safe place for people to walk and ride bikes
  • Safety improvements including central median barrier protection, improved lighting and a reduced speed
  • Improved pavement, drainage and stormwater treatment
  • Two improved intersections at Campana Road and Manukau Memorial Gardens.

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency works to create transport solutions for all New Zealanders – from helping new drivers earn their licences, to leading safety campaigns to investing in public transport, state highways and local roads.

For more information on the project, you can also visit our website at