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Review under way of transport investments

Every three years, the Government issues an investment strategy on the land transport system called the Government Policy Statement on land transport, also known as the GPS.

The GPS is a document that guides land transport investment over a 10-year period. Transport investments have long lead times, high costs and leave long legacies. Good transport investments therefore require careful planning to ensure that today’s transport network will be able to meet our future needs.

The new GPS 2018 is committed to creating an efficient, modern and resilient transport system for New Zealand, across all transport modes and reflects this new approach through four clear priorities: a safer transport network free of death and injury, accessible and affordable transport, reduced emissions and value for money.

The NZ Transport Agency is now working together with councils and others to realise the new vision for the transport network outlined in GPS 2018. This work means taking a fresh look at transport investments across the country, including SH2-Pokeno to Mangatarata, to ensure that they align with the new priorities of GPS 2018.

At this stage, we cannot say how the Pokeno to Mangatarata project plans will be affected until the process of carefully looking at the options is further along.

For some projects we may need to bring amended plans back to the community to allow them to have input and express their views. To ensure that this work is robust and delivers the best outcomes, we expect this process to take approximately three to six months.

In undertaking this work, we will be taking account of the outcomes that are the priority for your region as set out in your Regional Land Transport Plan.

We understand taking a fresh look at projects to align with the four strategic priorities of safety, access, environment and value for money may be frustrating. Our team will be doing all that we can to do the work as quickly as possible while not compromising quality.

We will provide an update as soon as we are able to share more. We will also be sharing information on our re-evaluation website as it becomes available:

If you have any questions please contact:
Senior Project Manager for sections B, C and D
Senior Project Manager for sections A and E



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