Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency

SH2 Wairarapa highway improvements

26 July 2023


July 2023 update

Welcome to our July update on the SH2 Masterton to Carterton safety improvements project.

As we approach the later stages, we thought it would be good to highlight the milestones achieved over the past few weeks and provide a glimpse of what's coming up.

Here's a summary of our recent activities and upcoming tasks:



Above: the finer points of making a traffic island.

Ngaumutawa roundabout

At the Ngaumutawa Road roundabout, the asphalt is nearly done except for the final seal layers. The final sealing layers will be completed later this year, when weather conditions are warmer and drier, and the road surface has had a chance to settle and bed in.

The traffic island kerbs are complete. The concrete infills for the islands are to follow in the coming weeks.

Work on the roundabout’s footpaths and driveways heading south are progressing well, and construction of the retaining wall on Norwood corner is underway.



Norfolk Road roundabout

We’ll soon place the final concrete sections to form the complete circle of the structure. The roundabout is an innovative design made from 47 specially moulded concrete blocks each weighing 3.5 tonnes.

We’ll then move on to landscaping and beautifying the area. The topsoil has been delivered, so planting, grassing and landscaping will get under way as soon as the concrete works are finished.

The final seal layers for the road will be completed later this year.



Wiltons Road roundabout

We’re working on finishing the traffic islands, and have started some landscaping. If you’ve driven through this area recently, you’ll notice some of the new planting has taken place. As with the other roundabouts, the final seal layers will be completed when the weather is warmer and drier.



Above: the new turnaround bay at Clareville, looking southward to Carterton.

Clareville turnaround bay

The turnaround bay at Clareville is expected to open soon.

It provides southbound drivers a safe area to cross the highway, pull into, and wait for a safe break in traffic before heading north.

It’s been designed to accommodate large vehicles, including semi-trailer trucks.



We’ve created a video to show how turnarounds make it easier to change direction.

It demonstrates how a driver needs to check for traffic coming from only one direction before proceeding onto a highway. Check it out here.

We’ll have electronic message boards, traffic management, a lower temporary speed limit and revised road signage to help road users navigate the new layout.

Watch turnaround bay video here



Other project highlights

There’s been a lot of road widening and swale drain work between Wiltons roundabout and the turnaround bay. Some driveway work continues in the newly widened areas.  Installation of guardrails at Parkway Creek is underway.

The seal tie-ins into the Clareville rest area are completed. Tie-ins are sections of sealed roads that allow drivers to slow down before they pull into rest areas.

Wire rope median barrier installation will be completed over the next two weeks. We’ve created temporary breaks in the barrier between Norfolk Road and Wiltons Road to minimise delays for traffic during night works.

New lighting is going in at each roundabout as well as the Clareville turnaround bay and the Ngaumutawa roundabout. The new lights will be switched on once the wiring is connected.

Installation of new road signs has started and will continue across all areas over the next few weeks.



Road closures and stop/go traffic management

Areas of work which are disruptive to traffic, and requires stop/go traffic management, is performed during nightshifts where possible, to minimise disruption.



More information


Thank you to everyone using SH2 for your patience, care and understanding while driving past our work sites.

If you know anyone who might be interested in these updates, they can sign up on this webpage here.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback you can get in touch by phone on 0800 353 824 or email us at SH2Wairarapa@nzta.govt.nz.