Most of the time, the stars keep their shoes on, but since it's Emma Thompson, it's 100% acceptable.

The 27 Best Moments From The Golden Globe Awards

There were so many stars and big moments at the Globes. But Emma Thompson, your random shoe throw was especially amazing.

this was a shoo-in for best moment


Jennifer Lawrence showed up on the red carpet looking familiar. Like, really familiar.


Diddy had the weirdest night of anyone at the Globes. It was pretty awkward for everyone.


And Amy Poehler finally won something. Congrats, Amy!


In non-Globe news: Lazy people, take note. These 19 products were made just for you.


Looking to get more organized in 2014? Start with these clever ideas.


In Colorado, this 420 sign kept getting stolen. So officials came up with a genius idea to stop thieves.


Be careful when buying a friend a cake. Some cakes are too painfully honest to give.


And finally: This student spent three months dancing across China to a Bruno Mars song. The result was pretty impressive.

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