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Northern Corridor Improvements

29 April 2022


Northern Busway and Constellation Station

Northern Busway extension to Albany opens next month

Commuters on the North Shore will be in for a treat when the extension of the Northern Busway out to Albany opens next month.

Reliable public transport options make it more appealing for people to leave their car at home and hop on the bus to get around. Growing the number of people who use public transport helps make our transport system safer for everyone and supports Aotearoa’s move towards a low carbon transport system.

The Northern Busway is a dedicated and separated two-way road for buses adjacent to the Northern Motorway (SH1) which currently provides a largely congestion-free run between Constellation Station and the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

In addition to the busway itself, the journey to and from Albany will include travelling over a new busway bridge which connects the bus lanes on the eastern side of SH1 with Albany Station on the western side. Upgrades to Constellation Station include a new northbound platform connected to the southbound platform by an overbridge as well as lifts, additional toilets, driver facilities and a kiosk area.



The team working in the central median

Work moves into the central median

In early April, the southbound lanes of State Highway 1 (SH1) between Oteha Valley Road and Greville Road shifted to the east so that we could start work in the central median of the motorway. Before we can lay the final road surface which vehicles will drive on, we’ll be spending the coming months completing a wide range of tasks.

It’s important we look after our environment, so we’ll be installing stormwater drainage to capture and treat the water runoff from the road before it enters local streams. There’ll also be underground ducting for cables to carry vital services such as telecommunications and electricity.

A new concrete centre median barrier will be constructed with ducting installed in the barrier to carry power for 20 LED streetlights and to help drivers know how to get about, three new overhead gantries will display road signs.

Once all this has been completed, there’ll be an additional lane on SH1 in each direction between Constellation Drive and Oteha Valley Road and we’ll be completing the final road surface at a later date. This upgrade of the motorway will help support the growing residential areas in North Auckland and provide a more reliable journey time for people travelling through the region.



The plants at Greville Road are thriving since they were planted in May 2021 (left photo) to this year (right photo)

Cooler weather signals the start of planting season

The arrival of cooler days means winter is getting closer and unlike those of us who have enjoyed the warmth of the summer sun, this news is exactly what the landscaping team have been looking forward to.

Giving the young plants and trees the best chance to establish themselves in their new home, we undertake planting over the winter months from May to September. With 360,000 plants which need to be planted across the area, it’s always a busy time for the landscaping team each year.  They’ll carefully put in place a wide range of grasses, plants and native trees which have been chosen to reflect the natural environment of the Auckland region.



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