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Work on the five major sites is well underway


We know how important the Tākaka Hill road is for locals and tourists alike, especially over the busy summer season. It's a lifeline, and we understand how critical it is to get the road open as soon as possilbe.

With this in mind, the project team is working hard to find ways of speeding up progress on site to make up for the delays caused by COVID-19 and the challenging excavation works that had to be pushed into the winter months. We also need to ensure we’re maintaining our safety standards and delivering high quality work.

Five site works well underway

Works are progressing well on the five major sites, which are being worked on in parallel. We’re currently installing soil nails and applying shotcrete to support the road carriageway, as we excavate down to a solid foundation. Next will come the permanent retaining walls.

Reducing current wait times

We’re constantly looking at ways to get the road open as soon as possible. To help make everyone’s journey easier in the meantime, we’ll be making changes to the geometry of Site 13 so that we can shift the traffic lights back to the top of Site 11. 

This change will mean the stretch between Site 11 and Site 13 will be back to two lanes, and will reduce the maximum wait time from 14 to 12 minutes. We’re aiming to have this change in place by mid-September.

Ultimately, these changes will mean we can get the whole road back to two lanes more quickly. Good news for everyone!

Protect our native Kea

And a reminder to everyone heading over the hill – when you’re stopped at the lights, please don’t feed our mischievous Kea – NZs endangered and protected native alpine parrot. They live on a simple diet of berries and bugs that they easily source themselves.

Why a "junk food" diet is killing off the Kea

Tākaka Village Market – Saturday 1 August, 9am–1.30pm

Come and meet the Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency project team – drop in for a chat, ask any questions and find out the latest on Tākaka Hill road repairs.

We hope to see you there!



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