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Upcoming road closures

Works on Glenbrook Road as part of the SH22 Glenbrook Roundabout project are scheduled to take place again on Saturday 31 July.

From 7am to 7pm Saturday 31 July, a one-way closure will be in place on Glenbrook Road (Eastbound). State Highway 22 (SH22) will be open in both directions.

This is to allow us to carry out noisy work during the day, rather than at night.

The closures mean it will not be possible to make a right turn from SH22 into Glenbrook Road. Please follow the detours and do not attempt U-turns on SH22.

Detours will be in place and there will be temporary road layout changes. Please see diagram. Detour routes will add approximately 10 minutes to your journey and may impact travel times so please plan accordingly and allow extra time for travel. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

This work is weather dependent and if necessary, will be carried out on the following weekend.



Get ready for changes in August

As we work towards making State Highway 22 safer for our community, we will be making a number of road layout changes. Starting from August these changes will affect how you travel on SH22.

Temporary Speed Limit

To ensure the safety of our workers and all road users a speed limit of 50km/h is now in place past the construction site on SH22.

Passing Lane 

From 1 August, the westbound passing lane (towards Pukekohe) on State Highway 22 will be closed. A white flush median strip will be created along this stretch of road for your safety. So we can complete this work safely, a stop/go operation will be in place on SH22 from 9pm Sunday 1 August.

New Road Alignment

In August all road users will be moved onto a temporary road on SH22 to allow space for the construction of the new roundabout to be undertaken safely.

Steel Barriers

Finally, temporary steel safety barriers will be placed along the perimeter of the construction site to further ensure safety of our construction workers.



Are you building a pool?

During the frosty 1°C mornings, the ‘pool’ at the Glenbrook rounadabout may remind us of our long overdue tropical getaways, but it does a lot more than that.

We asked Dr Chris Wilcox and Gemma Wadworth of the Auckland System Management environmental team to explain this unique feature on site. 

“Construction of the Glenbrook Roundabout involves a significant amount of earthworks to raise the ground level up to seven metres high and allow the roundabout to take shape.

“Where there are open areas of earthworks, stormwater runoff from rainfall has the potential to move sediement on site.

“In greater amounts, this could have adverse environmental impacts on neighbouring properties, farms and local streams.

“The project team has a number of erosion and sediment controls in place to minimise sediment movement.

“This includes the ‘pool’, which is really a temporary Sediment Retention Pond designed to let sediment settle from the stormwater runoff, and minimise sediment discharged from the site during construction.

“Sediment Retention Ponds are unique to each construction site – they’re created based on the site area, soil type, slope and more.

“Chemical treatment of the water is undertaken, similar to drinking and wastewater treatment plants, to improve settlement of the tiny clay particles.

“The clarity and pH of the water in the pond is regularly monitored to ensure it meets the standards outlined in best practice guidelines and the resource consents.

“After treatment through the sediment retention pond, the water is then discharged East to a stream linked to the Whangapouri Creek, north of Paerata Rise.

“Once the permanent stormwater wetland is constructed, the temporary pond will be filled in and the land reinstated.”

Oh but before you decide you’re brave enough to take a mid winter dip – we should probably let you know this...



More information


Waka Kotahi has a dedicated representative at the construction site to ensure people using State Highway 22 and the community receive regular updates during construction.

You can contact us at: 0800 SH22 RAB (0800 7422 722) or

For more on SH22 safety improvements, see: