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Ngā Hau Māngere – Old Māngere Bridge replacement project

31 August 2022


Ngā Hau Māngere connects communities across the harbour

Communities are celebrating the opening of Ngā Hau Māngere, the new walking and cycling connection across the Manukau Harbour which was officially opened by Auckland Mayor Phil Goff and Minister of Transport Michael Wood on Saturday 27 August.

"The new bridge is architecturally designed and will not only provide a way for people to cross the harbour on foot or by bike but will also become a popular destination in itself. As well as a transport corridor, the new bridge will be a community space for whānau and friends to gather, sit and even enjoy a spot of fishing,” said Mark Kinvig, Waka Kotahi National Manager Infrastructure Delivery.

“The design of the bridge is a collaboration between Waka Kotahi, mana whenua and locals who worked together on a design that sees and 8-metre wide deck with two fishing bays extending out to 12-metres, with bench seating for people to sit and enjoy the harbour views.

“Waka, canoes and small watercrafts travelling into the Upper Māngere Inlet will have more space to travel underneath the bridge with a greater clearance during both low and high tide as well as more space between the bridge piers to navigate.

“Through partnership with mana whenua, design features such as puhoro fascia panels spanning the length of the bridge, balustrade colours which reflect the colours of the kahawai fish and rain gardens on each abutment tell the cultural story of the bridge. In a few months’ time, iwi artworks will be installed on both sides of the bridge.

“The partnership between Waka Kotahi and mana whenua has spanned nearly a decade and it’s great to be here today to celebrate the social and environmental benefits for future generations who will enjoy Ngā Hau Māngere. We’d like to acknowledge the collaboration on this project to achieve great outcomes for the people and for the environment,” said a representative of Te Waiohua.

“Waka Kotahi has worked with Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga to keep the history of the old bridge in the area by featuring some of the material from Old Māngere Bridge in a heritage garden on the northern side of Ngā Hau Māngere.”

The bridge will be part of a growing network of cycling and walking routes in Auckland. It connects with the southwestern shared path running alongside SH20 on the isthmus and then onto the northwestern cycleway for people travelling between the city centre and west Auckland, as well as the shared path along the northern edge of the Upper Māngere Inlet adjacent to a large industrial hub as well as the growing number of shared paths and cycleways south, connecting the airport with the communities along the way.  The strategic location of the bridge means it will improve the journey of people travelling to work, places of education or those who are exploring their neighbourhood.

Watch the below social media video we've created from the day the bridge opened.



Community celebration for the new bridge

Across the weekend, over 8,000 people checked out the new bridge. We've included some photos from the opening day and it was great to see so many people join the celebration.

A community celebration was held in the afternoon and included attendance from Bike Auckland who provided bike parking so that people who got to the bridge on two wheels were able to park up and enjoy crossing the bridge on foot if they chose; Time to Thrive, a local cycling advocacy group who provided free bikes for people to give cycling a go; Auckland Transport sharing information on the local walking and cycling network on either side of the harbour; Community Patrol so that locals could find out more about safety in their area; representatives from Auckland Light Rail to talk about the future of travel in the area along with music from the brass band, free coffees and hot drinks for attendees to enjoy and information boards and videos about construction. The community celebration provided a fun and welcoming whānau friendly atmosphere for locals and visitors to get together and enjoy the new bridge.



Final elements still to complete

As mentioned in our mid-August newsletter, the team have applied a temporary anti-slip deck coating to the bridge as we haven't been able to complete the permanent anti-slip deck coating due to the winter weather. We'll come back towards the end of the year to complete this work.

If you've visited the bridge since it opened, you may have noticed the large green boxes (see image below) which feature on both bridge abutments. Underneath these are the bases which will hold up the iwi artworks currently in production and these will be installed later in the year.

At the moment, we're turning the site compound back into a community space and this includes removing all the cabins, equipment and fencing which has been in place since late 2019. Laying grass seed and native plants will be the final touch to transform the area back into a community space for locals and visitors to enjoy.

We'll keep you updated on these final elements.



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