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Northern Corridor Improvements

27 April 2023


SH1 shared path now open

The shared path running adjacent to SH1 from Constellation Station to Oteha Valley Road is now open, delivering an approximately 6km continuous safe walking and cycling connection on the North Shore.

There are several local connections along the way at residential, commercial and industrial areas to help people get around their local community or access services and places of work on foot or by bike. Connections with both ramp and stair access support accessibility for a wide range of users, helping to create an inclusive transport network.

Click here to view the shared path map and location of all the connections to get on and off along the way.

Read more in our media release here.



Works still to finish…

While opening the final section of the shared path marks the completion of the benefits the project has delivered to the community, there are still a few final pieces of work which our team will be completing in the coming months.

This winter will be our final landscaping season where we’ll be planting the remaining locations. We have approximately 30,000 plants still to put in place but need to carry out this work over the wetter winter months when they have a greater chance to thrive. We’ll be keeping an eye on all our plants over the coming years to ensure they have established and are thriving. If any are struggling, we’ll come back to plant new ones in their place.

In the spring/summer months we’ll also be completing the final road surface along SH1 and SH18 and putting down a material known as Open Graded Porous Asphalt (OGPA).  OGPA needs to be applied when the weather is favourable and so we’ll be carrying out this work in one block when we move into the warmer seasons.

We’ve inducted over 5,000 people on the project since construction began and while we have demobilised many of the compounds where our site teams have been based and where we store materials and equipment, we still have a few locations to tidy up. At the end of April, our project information hub will close to the community and we will be closing our main project office in Rosedale at the end of June.



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