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24 March 2010

CSJ Roadshows
The Centre for Social Justice is coming to a city near you

The CSJ is visiting several cities in the coming weeks in order to encourage voluntary sector organisations across the UK in their mission to transform Britain's broken society.

The events will provide an update on the nature of poverty and social breakdown in the UK today, an opportunity to hear from key CSJ Alliance partners tackling the root causes of poverty, and time for frontline poverty fighting organisations to build relationships with others who are transforming their city and communities.

This Thursday the CSJ will be travelling to Manchester in the morning and then on to Liverpool for an early evening event.

CSJ Roadshow events, upcoming dates:

Manchester, 25 March, 12 noon - 2pm
Liverpool, 25 March, 5.30pm - 7.15pm

Newcastle, 15 April, 11.15am - 1.30pm
Leeds, 16 April, 11.45am - 2pm

Details available at

Photo: Charlie Pickles, CSJ Policy Director, chairs the CSJ Roadshow in Birmingham


Breakthrough Northern Ireland update

Last November we announced the release of a regional report 'Breakthrough Northern Ireland' due to be published in July 2010. The Centre for Social Justice has since been holding regular events in Northern Ireland to hear first hand from those tackling poverty.

Through project visits, roundtables, presentations and meetings we are continuing to meet with the voluntary sector, statutory bodies, local businesses and politicians to discuss how social breakdown in Northern Ireland can be reversed, and how the most effective solutions can be identified and implemented.

Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP, CSJ Chairman, and Philippa Stroud, CSJ Executive Director, have been joined by the Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Owen Paterson MP, in visiting some of the pioneering grassroot organisations in the greater Belfast area. Ian Parsley has been leading the research into how best to take this regional work forward, assisted by Bethany Wales, CSJ Researcher.

Details of the CSJ event in Belfast on 30 March 2010
Photos from CSJ events in Northern Ireland


CSJ Awards Shortlist

The following voluntary groups have been shortlisted for the CSJ Awards 2010. The CSJ Awards is an annual event that identifies some of Britain's most effective poverty fighting voluntary groups. Over 450 groups applied for the CSJ Awards this year with the following 17 groups shortlisted. Zoe Briance, CSJ Awards and Alliance Manager, is spending the next two weeks visiting each shortlisted project compiling briefings on each for the judging panel who meet next month. The final winners will each receive a prize of £10,000.

  • 58i
  • Beyond the Gate
  • Bolton Lads and Girls Club
  • Caring for Ex-Offenders 
  • Eden Openshaw  
  • Family Links
  • Findlay Family Network
  • Frontiers
  • IntoUniversity
  • The Ley Community
  • MAPS
  • Music and Change
  • Reflex  
  • Refugee Therapy Centre
  • School-Home Support
  • Storybook Dads
  • Whitechapel Mission

More details of the shortlisted organisations and the CSJ Awards available at

Photo: Zoe Briance, CSJ Awards and Alliance Manager with Tony Millar, Director of Whitechapel Mission.


CSJ Gangs Event 22 February 2010

The CSJ Gangs event in Westminster on 22 February 2010 proved popular last month. Speakers included Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP, CSJ Chairman; Philippa Stroud, CSJ Executive Director; Charlotte Pickles, CSJ Policy Director; Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive of the RSA; Karyn McClusky, Metropolitan Police and Scottish Crime Reduction; Jason Sylvester, Young Disciples; Nims Obunge, Peace Alliance and Adele Eastman of the Tom ap Rhys Pryce Memorial Trust.

The event brought together voluntary sector groups tackling gang crime and policy experts to present the need for short, medium and long term policies designed to end a growing gang culture in Britian.

Photo: Philippa Stroud, CSJ Executive Director, chairs the CSJ Gangs event



The CSJ Elder Care Working Group met with over 60 professionals, elder care practitioners and interested parties at a call for evidence launch at Nightingale Care Home in Clapham, south London.

Iain Duncan Smith MP, CSJ Chairman; Sara McKee, Chairman of the Elder Care Working Group; and Stephen Burke, CEO of Counsel and Care gave presentations on the scope of the Working Group. 


Christian Guy, CSJ Senior Policy Specialist, spoke at a Drugscope event on 24 February 2010. The event considered the progress made within the treatment sector over the last five years. Christian joined a panel of officials from the Department for Children Schools and Families and the National Treatment Agency.


Dr Samanthan Callan, CSJ Chairman in Residence, was a discussant at the Centre for Policy Studies research seminar series delivered by Professor Geoff Dench on 'The value of a male partner'. She also spoke at the Election Debate on Family Policy 'What are politicians really saying when they talk about families?' and was the opening speaker at the launch of Legatum Institute's 'EACH Child Deserves a Family' campaign.




Poverty Debate

The CSJ publishes a daily Poverty Bulletin on our social networking website The Poverty Bulletin is a round up of the daily national headlines on welfare reform, family breakdown, educational failure, addiction and more.

Our social networking site allows you to create your own profile, meet other supporters of the CSJ, frontline poverty fighters and those interested in social justice. Join now!


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