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"They are as invested as we are in our family."

Promises made to adoptive children are sacred. The Baby Fold's “Keeping the Promise” (KTP) adoption support program serves 22 counties in Illinois. Children who are adopted from hard places often have difficulty establishing loving and healthy connections with their new families, so we take our KTP services right into their homes to build trust, address sensory issues, behavior, and faith needs so healing can occur. One of our adoptive moms recently stated, “Having The Baby Fold staff to talk to about life with adoptive children is so helpful because they are as invested as we are in our family. The kids love our therapist too, because they have another trusted adult in their lives that will listen and support them.” We're proud and blessed to help families “Keep the Promise” to children!

Celebrating Accomplishments!

Graduation from Hammitt Schools means so much more than academic success; it means that students and families have made significant strides toward being their very best selves. At a recent graduation ceremony, a young student shared, “Thank you for helping my family and caring about me. Thank you teachers and everybody." Hammitt HS Supervisor Leona O’Dear encouraged our new graduates to be fearless in pursuing their dreams and overcoming life's challenges. After the ceremonies, laughter, tears of joy, and many hugs were given as students and families readied themselves for the next life chapter. Congratulations, graduates!

Summer Camp Excitement

Students, staff, and high school camp counselors from our United Methodist conference are eagerly awaiting Baby Fold summer camp and YOU can help make it a reality for a child by clicking right HERE and sharing your gift of support! With an increased number of our Autism program students in attendance this year, it'll be a magical week where skills are gained, friends are made, and positive memories are captured for a lifetime. Campers leave assured of their worth and are motivated to grow. Thank you for helping a Baby Fold child to experience respite and refreshment in the great outdoors!

A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish

Last year Rev. John Hamilton spoke to a group of friends at the Hanna City United Methodist Church, where he and his wife Ruth Ann had served. After passionately speaking about his 40 year affiliation with The Baby Fold camp, Rev. Hamilton shared that he and Ruth Ann are proud to include The Baby Fold in their estate, and he boldly encouraged those who attended to also consider doing the same. “If you are not intentional about making your wishes known, no one else can do it for you.” If you would like to talk to someone about leaving a legacy so that future children of The Baby Fold can soar, please contact Norris Porter, AVP of Major Gifts & Planned Giving (309) 451-7204 or nporter@thebabyfold.org.

The Fab 4! Women of Distinction Recognition

FOUR employees of The Baby Fold were recently recognized at the YWCA Women of Distinction Awards Night!

  • Laura Beavers, Manager of Prevention and Early Intervention Services.
  • Julie Stoll, Supervisor of Home Intervention and Counseling at Hammitt.
  • Stephanie Turrentine, Intensive Family Support Services Specialist.
  • Cory Tello, retired special education administrator and member of our Board of Directors.

Congratulations to these four outstanding women who bless the programs and services of The Baby Fold! (photo credit: YWCA McLean County)

Fathers and Mental Health

As we've recently celebrated Fathers Day, our minds are focused on all that father figures do in our lives. As part of The Baby Fold's participation in our local Mental Health Awareness campaign, we'd like to share that fathers in particular, can experience mental health challenges like post-partum depression, that are strong enough to interfere with their home and work experiences. We encourage open and honest communication with the men in your lives because when men feel comfortable to speak about anxiety, sadness, or uncertainty that they're experiencing, they can begin to live healthier and happier lives!