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Christmas Blessings from Pastor Lori

The incarnation of Christ, for me, is as amazing as the resurrection. Imagine Jesus, agreeing to set aside His divinity and walk on this earth that was created through Him even before the foundations were laid. Only true love for every man, woman, and child could drive the Son of God to inhabit the womb of a peasant girl. Only true Love would make the journey from heaven to our earth.

We sing 'Rejoice! Rejoice!' Emmanuel - God is with us. We rejoice because we know full well that we can't possibly reach high enough to touch our holy God and earn His approval. So, in His mercy, God came down and placed His only, perfect Son into the arms of a young, poor family who sought shelter in a barn in the little town called Bethlehem. What a humble entrance for the King of Kings. But isn't that God's way? He comes to us, knowing we need a Savior and does it in a way we can understand. Jesus came to us in the flesh to show us how to live and love and He continues to come to us even in our moments of weakness, doubt and fear--showing us the way to the Father.

This holy season, may we be humble and kind, meeting others where they are and walking alongside to help and share with them the Light of the world.

Love Changes Everything

Surrounded by the beauty of The Festival of Trees, Alexis and Austin Anderson and their two children Cheyenne and Bryson, shared their loving story of adoption. When their niece and nephew, Cruzita and Logan, were suddenly in need of a safe and loving home, Alexis and Austin stepped out in faith and added to their family. "Everything changed," said Austin. "Our kids shared their toys, their rooms, their house, and their parents. We knew there would be challenges, but we also knew taking guardianship of our niece and nephew was the right thing to do."

The Baby Fold helped Alexis and Austin lovingly knit their new family together, first though fostering and then through adoption."We are blessed in so many ways to watch Cruzita grow into a beautiful butterfly, and to try to keep up with Logan, a smart and funny guy."

During the family's testimony, Cheyenne bravely stepped up to the mic and exclaimed "We fight, but still stay tight!". As young Logan closed, he shared a very wise message with the gathered audience, "A door may be opening for you, even as another door closes for someone else. I have a new family and I love them."

For more information about how you can change the life of a child through foster care and adoption, please email Gayla Jackson at gjackson@thebabyfold.org. If you are able to help support this program, please click HERE to donate.

Sharing the Harvest

When children feel safe, well, and have their basic needs met, they can thrive in school. Through our Community School program, The Baby Fold is reaching out to students and their families at Cedar Ridge Elementary in South Bloomington - an area designated as a 'food desert' with limited access to nutritious and affordable foods.

Dina Dixon, The Baby Fold's embedded social worker at Cedar Ridge ensures that children and their families have nutritious foods available to them through a healthy food delivery service. Partnering with Midwest Food Bank, Dina loads her van with fresh foods and delivers it to school families who need it most. Being able to meet and support students and their families has an undeniable, positive impact on student education. When we create physical and emotional health for families, it strengthens our entire community! For more information about The Baby Fold's Community Schools initiative in Bloomington and Normal, click here.

Investing in the Life of a Child

This holiday season, your support can determine the future for many children and families. Your donation to The Baby Fold is critical to helping The Baby Fold provide for the emotional, physical and spiritual care of these young lives.

Would you consider how you can bless our children and families during this season of giving? To make your year-end gift, please click here. Thank you for investing in our children.

A Healthy Start Christmas

Our Healthy Start families recently enjoyed a festive Christmas Party at Normal First United Methodist Church. Children delighted in games, crafts and a delicious dinner provided by The Normal Fire Department. Even Santa himself visited to delight the children! 

We are honored to provide early intervention services to these young families and blessed to have strong community partners who also invest in the future of our community. Click here to learn more about our successful Healthy Start program.

Charitable IRA Distributions

Charitable IRA Distributions to The Baby Fold help children and families while providing tax benefits to the giver. We are so grateful for those who bless our mission with year-end giving.


Here's what you need to know to impact lives and save money:

  • You must be 70 1/2 or older at the time of distribution.
  • You may have your plan trustee or administrator distribute any amount up to $100,000 in a calendar year to a charity, as long as it's completed by December 31.
  • Your IRA administrator must make the distribution directly to the charity, or you may write a check to the charity from your IRA checkbook.

Please consult with your tax advisor to discuss how your portfolio can help children and families of The Baby Fold, and feel free to call or email Norris Porter, Assistant Vice President of Major Gifts and Planned Giving: (309) 451-7204 or nporter@thebabyfold.org.