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A Warrior Website

Anchor Risk Group came to us for a website that talks about its top-secret special forces training without saying too much. We couldn’t use the founder’s name. There would be no team bios. No service, product or location specifics. What? Uncovering and sharing market-leading points of difference is our forte. How could we do our best job with our hands tied this way? Read on to learn how we overcame these challenges. The resulting site conveys the mission and does its job – spurring people looking for special operation forces training to connect.


Jetting to the Air Capital

King Aerospace recently pointed its corporate Learjet 40 our way. We spent a great day collaborating and planning for the coming year. It’s an important one. This Dallas-based aircraft service provider is celebrating its 30th anniversary by expanding. On May 1, it opens the doors to almost 195,000 square feet of hangar, engineering, shop and office space near Rogers, AR. This new location supports modifications for mission-critical government widebody aircraft – think airborne defense and next-gen information systems. Big stuff. Founder Jerry King especially loved our creative office spaces and says he tells everyone we’re “crazy good.” And that he was thinking about dying his hair red. Thanks, Mr. King.


Turning Heads Toward Priester

Chicago-based Priester Aviation stands apart as one of the world’s most experienced providers of private travel solutions and aircraft management. Its drive for excellence led to rethinking how it tells its story. Extensive rebranding brings emotion and sophistication to a brand that used to look like everyone else. A new tagline – We take aviation personally – emphasizes Priester’s customization.


Find the Fun

Our Break Away spring break campaign for Wichita Eisenhower National Airport encourages leisure travelers to grab their buds and blast off. Escaping the everyday. Smashing the routine. And making the destination matter. Digital ads, video designed for social sharing and strategically placed billboards target 18-to-50-year-olds looking for family-friendly destinations. Gorgeous photography supports the messages: Bring on the beach, toast the town, pack in the powder, cruise the coast. You’ve waited long enough. Wouldn’t this campaign prompt you to fly?


Showcasing Aviation Passion

Brad Hatt’s an aviation lifer. The type of person who began changing oil and flying planes as a teenager and then grew into the leader who managed Beechcraft’s business unit worth $2 billion in sales. He hasn’t rested on his laurels, though. He’s continued living and breathing aviation with his partners at Hatt & Associates, a global aircraft sales company. And we told that passion-filled, experience-rich story with its newly launched website.


Take Five with Cory

In the ever-changing industry of digital marketing, it takes passion and drive to stay ahead of the game. For Greteman Group and our clients, that’s where our digital strategist Cory Capps comes into play. Cory joined our team last fall and hit the proverbial ground running, providing invaluable insights and top-notch digital marketing skills. Cory graciously broke away from his analyzing and optimization efforts to answer five quick questions. He’s a guy you want to know.


Been There, Solved That

SeaTec’s digitally enabled tech services turn trials into triumphs. Communicating its complex offerings to leading airlines and OEMs isn’t easy. Its management team participated in a robust discovery workshop at our offices to start the process of identifying key messages then deploying them strategically. Its reimagined brand with real-life takeaways helps prospective clients better understand what SeaTec might do for them.


Welcome Our Social Media Manager

Jen Cole eats, sleeps and breathes all things social media. Joining our team early this year, she uses her extensive background to help our clients build their unique brands in relevant, authentic ways. Fostering socially engaged online communities offer the holy grail: word of mouth. Jen continues to cohost her own podcast, Making a Marketer. She knows her stuff.

News You Can Use

A Gala (and Gal) to Remember

At a gala on January 29, our very own Ashley Bowen Cook launched her tenure as the first woman to chair the Wichita Aero Club’s board of directors. The impressive turnout included the who’s who of the Air Capital. It honored trophy winner Ron Ryan who’s done everything from captain a Learjet to own and operate the largest U.S. charter airline. It was a great night. You’ll want to read Ashley’s recounting of it.


Include Video in Your Marketing Mix

Tap into the show-stopping power of motion and sound. Amplify the emotion they bring to your message. We not only preach the benefits of video to our clients, but use it ourselves. Video reinforces our brand values, builds rapport and enhances our outreach. It keeps our brand top of mind – and tracks conversions. Which is no small thing.


Become a Better Marketer

Jen Cole’s path to podcasts started as a kid hosting a pretend radio show with her brother. They planned topics. Invited special guests. That experience came in handy when she was invited to host a marketing podcast in 2017. She was already hosting two weekly Facebook Live shows, so she figured, why not? She learned lots and, as she’s about to record her 100th episode, shares those lessons here.



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