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A Healthy Start Mom Begins Bright New Future

Meet Jennifer. She is a mother, a nurse, and a miracle. Ten years ago, Jennifer was a college student, working three jobs, and building a future for herself. When Jennifer became pregnant, she felt completely alone and scared. “I needed someone to guide me, and to teach me how to take care of myself and my baby. I had so little support from my own family.”

Here’s where Baby Fold Healthy Start worker Heather Thomas comes into her story. Jennifer smiles, “She was amazing, showing me respect while encouraging me to do what I needed to do to keep myself and my baby safe. She taught me so much about how to parent my son and to be my best too.” During the time that Jennifer was in the program, she blossomed. Armed with the resources she needed and with natural determination, she gained self-confidence and learned to celebrate each positive step along the way.

Against the odds, this strong woman returned to college and became a nurse. “No school debt!” she reports proudly. Today, she is a nurse who works with troubled kids, and she has a very special heart for them. And The Baby Fold is grateful; for Jennifer is now the nurse for our very own Hammitt Junior-Senior High School! Each day, she takes the time to connect with the students, offering more than medicine; she doles out compassion as well. “I absolutely love it!” Nurse Jennifer beams. The Baby Fold helped me and my family thrive, and now it’s time for me to pass that on to the students at Hammitt.

Resolve to Help Kids Throughout 2018

Here at The Baby Fold, we are resolving to make a difference in the lives of more children than ever before in our 116 year history -- and YOU can too! January is the perfect time to sign up as a monthly donor to help The Baby Fold kids become their very best. Would you consider supporting our work? With just one click right HERE, you'll make a New Year's resolution that's truly worth keeping - Thank you!

We're Right on Schedule for 2018-2019

In June of 2017, The Baby Fold began renovating and repurposing our existing space at 612 Oglesby Avenue in order to meet an increasing community need for special education services. The project is right on schedule allowing the new Hammitt Jr/Sr High School to be ready for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year! Due to the generosity of past donors who made The Baby Fold beneficiaries in their estates, this exciting expansion project will finish debt free propelling our mission forward. 


Resolve to Keep Families Together Forever!

The Baby Fold's Adoption Preservation program is aptly named "Keeping the Promise" because parents who choose to adopt a child have made a loving committment for a lifetime. But sometimes, it is very difficult for adopted children to trust even the most caring parents. The therapists who visit these families in their homes, help parents to understand the underlying causes of emotional or behavioral difficulties. The child also receives care from The Baby Fold therapist, learning how to deal with 'big feelings' and how to bond with their family. As 7 year old Ethan explained to a friend, "My Baby Fold lady is helping me know how to be safe and calm. That everything can be ok now." With the support of our expert staff, parents are able to keep the precious promise made to their child and the whole family can heal and grow together - forever!

Connect with Us - Get Social, Tour, Volunteer!

If you desire to be part of a winning team and support the vital work of The Baby Fold, connect with us! Nearly every day, there is something happening that we want to share with you - a new skill learned in a classroom, an innovative parenting technique that is making a big difference in a home, or maybe a video of kids just having fun! Like us on Facebook HERE  or find us on Instagram and Twitter at @thebabyfold! 

Another way to connect with The Baby Fold is through volunteering. Our Festival of Trees event is our largest annual fundraiser to support our programs and services. Each year, it takes hundreds of volunteers to make this holiday extravaganza a huge success! Whether you'd like to design holiday decor for the auction or become a member of one of our 7 standing committies, we have a place for you to use your talents. To learn more about Festival opportunities, call Jessica, our Festival Coordinator at (309) 451-7205 or email at jmclane@thebabyfold.org . Check out our Festival website HERE and get involved today!