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29 April 2010

Main story: Mending the Broken Society, Speech by Rt Hon David Cameron
Mending the Broken Society, 27 April 2010

Over 450 people attended the CSJ "Mending the Broken Society" event yesterday, Tuesday 27 April 2010. David Cameron, Leader of the Conservative Party delivered a speech to an audience largely made up of poverty fighting and community group volunteers, as well as the media and policy makers.

Gavin Poole, CSJ Managing Director; Chris Grayling, Shadow Home Secretary and Brooke Kinsella, former EastEnders actress who lost her brother Ben to a fatal stabbing in 2008, also joined the panel.

Many thanks to those of you who came with only 22 hours notice. 

We have invited Gordon Brown, Leader of the Labour Party, and Nick Clegg, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Party to share their vision for social justice at similar events, and will keep you posted if there are any developments.

For the full text of David Cameron's speech, click here

For pictures of the event, click here

(Photo: Rt Hon David Cameron, Leader of the Conservative Party speaking at the Centre for Social Justice held event at Oasis UK, 27 April 2010 )


Next event: CSJ Alliance Seminar on Family Services
Friday 30 April 2010 

The CSJ are hosting a seminar for Alliance partners who are involved in on-the-ground services supporting vulnerable families. This Friday we are hosting a seminar that will look at CSJ policy on family, early intervention and family hubs. Charlotte Pickles, CSJ Policy Director and Dr Samantha Callan, Chairman-in-Residence, will be joined by speakers from the CSJ Alliance, in presentations with scope for questions, answers and feedback.

"The CSJ Alliance members contain an incredible amount of innovation and determination to buck the trends of breakdown in their communities," Chris Bullivant, CSJ Projects Director says, "we want to bring these groups together in order that they would learn from each other and continue to feedback to us on policy development."

There are only one or two spaces left for this event.For venue details and how to RSVP call Joseph on 020 7340 9650 

(Photo: Chris Bullivant, Projects Director, speaking at the Addiction and Homelessness Seminar, Manchester City Inn, 20 April 2010 )

News: CSJ roundtables
Addiction and Homelessness; Community Regeneration

The CSJ hosted two roundtables last week for CSJ Alliance members. The first event brought together groups working with addictions and homelessness, and the second those involved with community regeneration.

Christian Guy, CSJ Senior Policy Specialist, presented an update on our addictions policy to over 20 groups at an event in Manchester on 20 April 2010. The roundtable included CSJ Alliance members working with homeless people as well as those offering abstinence-based recovery programmes for addicts. Discussion focussed on the need for multi-agency education on recovery-based programmes in efforts to ensure recovery is made available to addicts everywhere, and not just the lucky few who are able to find services of voluntary sector groups.

On 23 April, the CSJ hosted a roundtable on Community Regeneration, bringing together 14 individuals who have been involved in regenerating sink estates. "It was an impressive array of some of our best Alliance members," said Charlotte Pickles, CSJ Policy Director, who chaired the event. "These are people who have through hard graft, flexibility in their approach and long-term commitment have transformed their communities."

(Photo: Charlotte Pickles, CSJ Policy Director, chairs the CSJ Alliance Roundtable discussion on Community Regeneration, Birmingham City Inn, 23 April 2010 )

In recent weeks members of the CSJ Elder Care Working Group have had productive evidence gathering meetings with the British Society of Gerontologists, and older people, about their experiences of ageing in Britain. Visiting such organisations and listening to people in their communities provides invaluable evidence about the challenges faced by elderly members of our society. We have organised further such meetings with national care providers, local authority teams, prominent academics, and grass roots community projects delivering innovative solutions and helping people celebrate older age.

Photo: Gilbert giving evidence to the CSJ Elder Care research team


Family Friend was set up to support disadvantaged families in West London through a growing network of trained volunteers who offer a befriending and mentoring service. They offer long-term practical and emotional help based on the individual needs of each family and help in all areas of their lives from Parenting and relationship support to Children services. Zoe Briance, CSJ Alliance Manager, visited the project in April, and was impressed with their vision


Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith wrote an essay, Multiple Solutions, for the 'Hardest to Reach' publication produced by the Fabian Society in association with Making Every Adult Matter. The book considers policies required to improve the lives of people who experience a combination of issues including homelessness, substance misuse, mental ill-health and who are often serving short term prison sentences.

To find out more about the project from the Fabian Society click here. To download the pamphlet from the Making Every Adult Matters website click here




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