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Funding Agreement received!

We are absolutely delighted to share the news with you that we have been given the official green light to open at Wootton Hall Park this September.

The Secretary of State for Education has agreed to enter into a Funding Agreement with Northampton Free School Trust for Wootton Park School. This means the school will open at the Wootton Hall Park site in September and deliver a high quality education to the children of the local community.

The signing of the Funding Agreement represents a major milestone for all free schools. It is the official rubber stamp of confidence in our school and allows us to formalise contracts with the teaching staff and begin the procurement of goods and services ready for opening on 5th September.

The signing of our Funding Agreement also means that our offers are


unconditional. Parents offered a place at both Wootton Park School and another school via their local authority will now be required to choose only one of the schools offered. 

It is, therefore, likely that some places will soon become available to those on our waiting list, so please do spread the word to any friends who did not receive the school of their choice.

We could not have got this far without the fantastic support from the Department for Education, the Education Funding Agency, the wider community and especially the parents who have applied for places at Wootton Park School – THANK YOU!


A carefully structured transition 


transition arrangements

Starting school is an exciting time, but can also be difficult for young children. We have planned this time very carefully so that the transition for each and every child is as smooth as possible and children can settle into their new class quickly and happily.

Key transition dates are as follows:

  • Nursery Visits - week commencing 25th July.  If children go to pre-school rather than a nursery, visits will take place at the end of June/beginning of July.
  • Sneak preview morning - August (date tbc) - an opportunity for families to visit our new school ahead of opening.
  • Home Visits - week commencing 5th September.
  • Stay and Play - Friday 9th September. Children will attend a one hour Stay and Play session with their parent(s)/carer. Time slots will be available in the morning and afternoon and the sessions will take place in the new temporary building so the children can familiarise themselves with their new setting. 
  • Children start school part time (either a morning or afternoon session) - week commencing 12th September.
  • Children attend a morning session plus lunch - week commencing 19th September.
  • Children start full time - week commencing 26th September.

Further information, including details of how to book a pre-school / nursery visit, home visit and Stay and Play session will be forwarded to Reception parents in due course. 


Year 7
transition arrangements

A careful and thorough transition programme from primary to secondary school has been put in place. Our Principal, Dan Rosser, overseas transition into Year 7.

Key transition arrangements are as follows:

  • SENCO visits to primary schools - week commencing 16th May.
  • 1-1 Meetings with Senior Leadership Team - from 6th June.
  • Transfer Day - Monday 4th July - all new Year 7 learners will join us for the day to take part in team building activities.
  • Sneak preview morning - August (date tbc) - an opportunity for families to visit our new school ahead of opening.
  • A booklet will also be issued for completion over the summer break in order to prepare children for learning at Wootton Park School. 

Further details will be forwarded to Year 7 parents in due course. 


Great reaction to uniform at recent fitting event


Our Uniform Fitting Event on Saturday 14th May was a great success and was very well attended.

We met many parents and carers who had brought their children along to try on school uniforms and families were very positive about the style and quality of the Wootton Park School uniform.


Get in touch

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