Issue 8   ―   November 2022
Quorn Nutrition Wraps up for Autumn

Autumn is drawing to a close and it's been a busy few months at Quorn Nutrition. We are excited to show you what we've been up to, from publishing new mycoprotein research to National Cholesterol Month and much more! And coming soon...

We are heading to Tokyo for the International Congress of Nutrition, look out for our Quorn symposium on the 8th December!

If you’d like to get in touch, or have any feedback please contact us via email at

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'Food Forever' at Kew Gardens

Quorn sponsored Kew Garden’s summer exhibition, ‘Food Forever’, which looked at food systems from a sustainability perspective.

We invited registered dietitian, Sophie Medlin to the exhibition and she reflected on what she learnt in a blog that can be found below. 

Read Sophie Medlin's blog on the event →

Myth Busting Missions

We’ve been busy on our social media channels busting myths around Quorn's unique ingredient mycoprotein! The posts explore the importance of fibre, how mycoprotein is made through fermentation, and that it is a complete protein.

Check out our instagram!

National Cholesterol Month!

We were proud to announce that during October's National Cholesterol Month we became a new HEART UK UCLP (Ultimate Cholesterol Lowering Plan) supporting partner alongside founding partner Alpro. Together we produced a factsheet on proteins to help manage cholesterol and maintain heart health. Quorn mycoprotein is low in saturated fats and a complete protein making it a great meat alternative!

Find the Factsheet here →

Taco Feast
Sweetcorn Broccoli Pasta Bake
Recipes to manage cholesterol

Also in celebratation of National Cholesterol Month we developed a number of new low satuated fat and salt recipes to help people who want to manage their cholesterol levels for heart health. Not only are they heart-friendly, they are delicious too! 

Click on the images to get the recipe!

Find more about Quorn Mycoprotein and cholesterol here →

Emerging Research

Our Quorn funded PhD students and post-docs have been busy over the last few months publishing papers and presenting at conferences!

Here is the latest exciting research on Quorn mycoprotein...

The role of the food matrix

Sam West (Quorn sponsored PhD student at the University of Exeter) published a paper in British Journal of Nutrition concerning the role of the ‘food matrix’ in the anabolic properties of mycoprotein

Find out more →

Muscle health and ageing

Ino van der Heijden (Quorn affiliated PhD student also at the University of Exeter) published a review on the role of alternative dietary protein sources (including mycoprotein) on muscle health and mass with ageing

Find out more →

The European College of Sport

A few of our Quorn sponsored researchers presented at the Annual Congress of the European College of Sport and Exercise Science (ECSS) in Seville in September.

Dr Alistair Monteyne, a Quorn sponsored post-doctoral fellow, presented the following work (which is currently under peer review for scientific publication):

Vegan and omnivorous high protein diets support equivalent daily myofibrillar protein synthesis rates and skeletal muscle adaptive responses to high volume resistance exercise training in young adults: a randomised controlled trial.

Sam West presented his abstract at ECSS entitled:

'Mycoprotein ingestion within or without its whole food matrix results in equivalent stimulation of myofibrillar protein synthesis rates in resting and exercised muscle of young men’.

Sam has now published his research as a full paper!

The award goes to.....

Ino van der Heijden won a Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI) sponsored Young Investigator award for the following abstract and presentation:

A high-protein vegan diet improves blood-borne indices of cardiometabolic health but does not alter micronutrient status compared with an isonitrogenous omnivorous diet during resistance training.

Congratulations Ino!

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