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15 October 2021

Western Australian Agrifood Export eNews

Agribusiness, commercial fishing and aquaculture news from the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD).  If you have any questions or information to share, please email export@dpird.wa.gov.auSubscribe to Western Australian Agrifood Export eNews.

Celebrating International Day of Rural Women, 15 October 2021.

New registration process for food exports to China

The Federal Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE) has provided the latest detailed instructions for the registration of food processing and storage facilities handling food products exported to China, as well as food labelling requirements.

China's new requirements apply to a broad range of food products including meat, dairy, seafood, honey and other processed food (edible non-prescribed goods).

Australian food processing and storage facilities with a history of handling food exported to China since 1 January 2017 should read the information provided by DAWE and take appropriate action as required by specified timeframes.  While the decrees enter into effect from 1 January 2022, registration applications for some food products must be completed by 5 pm AWST on 22 October 2021.

Exporters should also read the DAWE Market Access Advice to understand the requirements supplying food businesses are required to meet to continue exporting to China.

More information is available at haveyoursay.awe.gov.au/food-to-china. Please contact DAWE at exportlisting@agriculture.gov.au if you have any queries.  Source:  DAWE  |  Photo:  Borderpolar Photographer / Unsplash

Registrations open for Asia Business Capability Workshops

Invest and Trade Western Australia's second Asia Business Capability Workshops 2021 will be held from 26 to 28 October 2021 in Perth.  The three workshops will allow WA businesses to develop the knowledge and skills required to successfully invest and trade with Asia and work more effectively with Asian partners and investors.

1. Asia Business Capability – Japan and Defence Industries
Tuesday 26 October, 9 am to 3 pm
This session will support emerging and established WA exporters to gain insight into the Japanese market (including the Japanese Defence Industries) and core business values.

2. Asia Business Capability – the Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Wednesday 27 October, 9 am to 3 pm
This session will equip you to navigate opportunities and develop strong business relationships with stakeholders in South Korea.

3. Asia Business Capability – Malaysia
Thursday 28 October, 9 am to 3 pm
Develop an understanding of business culture and market dynamics that are key to successful business connections with Malaysian stakeholders.

Attendance is free, however workshops will be limited to 25 people per session to ensure a COVID-safe environment.  Registrations close 5 pm AWST on Thursday 21 October. More...  Source and Image:  Invest and Trade WA / JTSI

Helping businesses diversify

As the Australian Government’s export credit agency, Export Finance Australia provides a range of finance solutions to support Australian exporters, including agriculture and food related businesses.  Through loans, bonds and guarantees, Export Finance Australia supports businesses to diversify in a changing world.

Facing market challenges and disruptions in the past 18 months, many exporters have sought to diversify into new markets.  Whether your business is looking to create new or evolve existing products or services, enter new international markets or change your supply chain, Export Finance Australia could help. 

To discuss your export financing needs and the options available, please get in touch at 1800 093 724 or visit exportfinance.gov.au/diversify for more information.  Source and Image: Export Finance Australia [The Ellis family, The Hanging Rock Winery, Victoria.]

UK Food and Beverage Trade Readiness Webinar

The Food and Agribusiness Growth Centre, trading as FIAL, in partnership with Austrade's United Kingdom (UK) office, is hosting a UK Food and Beverage Trade Readiness Webinar.

Taking place on 19 October 2021 at 2.30 pm AWST, you will hear from UK Austrade representatives, in-market distributors and UK trend and consumer experts.  You will receive the latest updates on its economy post-COVID-19, how Australian food and beverage businesses can navigate the landscape to capitalise on opportunities created by the strategic partnership between Australia and the UK and the soon to be announced Free Trade Agreement.

Topics being discussed will include: UK food and beverage overview – opportunities and challenges, steps to expand into the UK marketplace and FTA benefits; key considerations for doing business in UK and what to expect; emerging market scope and targeted channel trends and UK distributor insights (accessing different channels and promotions, brand development and UK supply chain.

Registrations close Monday 18 October 2021 at 1 pm AWST, so book now.  Source and Graphic:  FIAL

Malaysia’s growing halal manufacturing sector offers export opportunities

There are opportunities to supply halal-certified agri-products to local and international food companies in Malaysia, Austrade reports in a new market insight. Malaysia’s halal manufacturing sector is growing and the halal ecosystem is well developed, with strong government support and dedicated halal economic zones.

Austrade says Malaysia occupies a unique but distinct position in the global halal economy.  It has in place the ingredients for successful growth. These include the regulatory architecture, certification and standards, business incentives and a growing domestic market.

Situated in the ASEAN region, Malaysia benefits from regional economic integration.  It is part of the ASEAN Free Trade Area, with unfettered access to neighbouring markets such as Indonesia and Brunei.  Both markets hold significant export potential for halal products.   Source:  Austrade  |  Photo:  Esmonde Yong / Unsplash

The road to opportunity for Australian canola

Structural changes in the global market are set to bring future growth opportunities for Australia’s canola industry, according to a newly-released industry report.

With global and Australian canola prices already breaking records in 2021, the report, by agribusiness banking specialist Rabobank, says Australia’s canola industry has more potential upside ahead with policies to curb emissions in North America and Europe expected to lift global demand for oilseeds, and in particular canola, through to 2030.

Over the next decade, government initiatives to curb emissions in the northern hemisphere will fundamentally change, and be the key drivers of, the global canola market, the bank says in the report Global Canola Opportunities in the Sustainable-Fuel Future: Is Australia fit and ready?

“This will present opportunities for Australian canola exports,” says report co-author, Rabobank agriculture analyst Dennis Voznesenski.  “In our base case outlook, these are modest initially, but grow as a result of structural shifts in the global industry in 2024-25 due to Canada’s falling exportable surplus and then again from 2026-27 onward due to the European Union’s increasing canola import needs.”  More...  Source:  Rabobank  |  Photo:  DPIRD