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A Message from the GCC

The Green Communities Committee is pleased to announce Carbon Neutral Local Government – a guide for helping local Governments understand how to be carbon neutral in their corporate operations.

This guide is intended to support local governments as they work towards becoming carbon neutral in their corporate operations. It is also referred to as the Workbook.

The Workbook provides:

  • An explanation as to what carbon neutrality is,
  • A draft description of which corporate operations, referred to as “traditional services”, will be included in the carbon neutral commitment,
  • Advice on data collection,
  • Examples of energy statements and how the information can be used to interpret a local government’s energy consumption and carbon footprint; and
  • An invitation to begin tracking corporate emissions now and provide feedback to GCC as it continues to refine the definition of carbon neutrality. 

The Workbook was developed in consultation with, and based on the advice of, the Carbon Neutral Working Group, established by the GCC. The Carbon Neutral Working Group, comprised of local government staff experts and resource people, was created to provide guidance in developing a carbon neutral program. The Carbon Neutral Working Group played a pivotal role in the Workbook development.

Even with that expert advice, it is expected that the process of capturing data based on the draft definition will reveal some unanticipated issues. The GCC therefore looks forward to the continued input and suggestions from local government to enhance and build on the Workbook content, so that local governments continue to have the tools they need to achieve their carbon neutral commitments.

For more information about the Workbook please contact:
Tatiana Robertson, Ministry of Community and Rural Development

Get the Workbook

Download here to read about:

  • Carbon Neutrality defined
  • Traditional Services
  • Data Collection
  • Energy Statements
  • Tracking Corporate Emissions
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