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Going Deep

The Residential children of The Baby Fold who attend public school during the school year have been studying about the wonders under the sea this summer. Their education was brought to life when they made a trip to The Shedd Aquarium last Tuesday. This educational opportunity was made possible through the generosity of our 2nd Tuesday tour guests. The kids marveled at the dolphins, took a step away from the shark tank, were mesmerized by jellyfish, laughed at the sea turtles and stood in awe of the thousands of different varieties of fish and sea life.

We've got a lot more planned for all of our kids this summer.  But we need your help to make special trips like this happen. If you'd like to support field trips for our children, please click here  to make these educational and memorable trips possible.

Little Red Riding Hood

The children at Fairfield Elementary School's summer program, put on a Tony award worthy performance of Little Red Riding Hood. Students from ISU came in for a week of rehearsals and preparation. They partnered with America Reads and America Counts to create fun ways to improve reading skills. And the participants did so much more than read the story. They made their own costumes, designed the set, and printed the tickets.
The play received rave reviews from family, Fairfield teachers (who came in from vacations), and Baby Fold staffer, Rebecca Kinsey.

When Life Gives You Lemons....

Make lemonade. And LOTS of it!
What began as a service project by our Hammitt High School students has become a tradition at The Baby Fold. Several groups of kids have taken up the challenge to make lemonade, sell it to thirsty staff and friends, and give the proceeds to various charities. These young entrepreneurs are learning about business and giving, and a little about how good it feels to work hard and bless others.

Dick Winters Honored in Pantagraph

Last month we celebrated Dick Winter's 50 years of service on our board. If you'd like to read more about this amazing gentleman,
click here to view the front page article from The Pantagraph.

TBRI Newsletter

TBRI is a care model for families who are working to form healthy connections with each other.
This model is used throughout The Baby Fold to help individuals heal through trauma informed therapy and relationship building.
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