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October, at the PBC!

Rain rain, go away! We welcomed spring with open arms & while it didn't disappoint, it seems Spring was ( hopefully not ) short-lived. Nevertheless, the sun has started to get some heat to it and we are very grateful for a multitude of reasons.

One of those, in particular, is because of the grass on our top green. It too needs the sun and warmth to regenerate itself like us cold-blooded folk and since we've been so wonderfully busy it has been in full use.

In order to give it the best fighting chance, we are going to be posting some signage around the entry areas to the top and bottom green asking people to please be considerate of the grass when playing fetch with the dogs and children riding bikes etc and to help us protect what we have.

With daylight savings back in action & night bowls now running it is imperative that the bottom green is kept in top-notch shape and used for bowls only.

Save the date! Our annual general meeting - Sunday 20th November

Our annual general meeting will be held at the PBC on Sunday the 20th of November from 3 pm onwards.

An email with details on how to apply and nomination forms will follow soon for our life members, perpetual members and associate members.

Christmas closing dates!

This year the PBC will be closed from Friday the 23rd of December through to Friday the 6th of January.

Thursday the 22nd December - Our last day of trading for 2022.

Saturday the 7th of January - Our first day of trading for 2023.

Centenary Gala Bowling Day.

The Centenary Gala Bowling day is an annual gala bowls day for all NSW bowling clubs that are more than 100 years old. This year teams from North Sydney, Killara and Manly among others attended. With all the promotion from our 125th Anniversary ball still fresh in the community's mind, we at the PBC found ourselves on the organisers' invitation list. Eileen, our licensee and board member, her husband Phil who fortunately for us is an active lawn bowler & Andrew Lorien, a great friend and member of the club, attended on our behalf.

As a club that doesn't practice competition bowls anymore, Eileen tells me, it was surprising for no one other than herself, Phil & Andrew that practice does indeed make perfect and they were in the company of some of the best professional bowlers around.

The competition requires a team of at least 4 players & North Sydney Bowling club was kind enough to lend the PBC team a member who became affectionately known as the "skip". Our team found glory, winning 1 of the four games they played that day and making some great memories and promises to come back next year with fierce skills and a full team.

On top of the welcoming atmosphere & enjoyment from the day's bowls, it was clear that people had heard our story and it resonated with them. Several of the clubs who attended that day had similar situations and found themselves having to merge with big league clubs to survive, now finding themselves unable to have a say - they couldn't get rid of their pokies even if they wanted to.

Despite what the reality looks like for these century-old bowling clubs, Eileen tells me that lots of young people were bowling and it was refreshing to know that there are more generations enjoying bowls and keeping the life force pumping in these clubs. 

Andrew, Phil & Eileen. 

The 2022 Centenary gala bowlers.

Spring fair delights.

It was an incredible blue belle of a day and the country fair vibes were at an all-time high.

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who came along and enjoyed the day with us and a big shoutout to Kindifarm & the animals for making it so special.

MVP goes to Cameron from Condimental. His enthusiasm, tasty pickle treats and expertise were greatly appreciated and he brought a very special energy to the pickle comp judging.

Our wonderful winners are pictured below!

Our pickle guessing comp runner ups! 

Annie & Hillary won the Condimental X PBC home pickle competition! 

WW1 Honour roll.

In August of this year, we were notified of our induction onto the New South Wales war memorials register.

Expertly hand-painted by W.R.Griffiths, the PBRC member's war memorial board hangs above the shoe shine on our far wall and lists the names of the 59 club members who served in the first world war with the 5 who were killed at the top.

You can have a look here: Petersham Bowling and Recreation club first world war honour roll.

What's poppin off in our veggie patch this month!

Rainbow Chard

Sorrel & Parsley 








Sunny boys

The first little Fig bud! 

Books books books!

The Phantom of the Opera

This month, we are highlighting one of the most famous books of all time, a real penguin classic.

Touted as " A haunting tale of suspense and intrigue set in nineteenth-century Paris".

The Phantom of the Opera tells the story of a mysterious figure who lives beneath an opera house, tortured by the pangs of unrequited love and who has been awaiting his chance to strike.

Written by Gaston Leroux, The Phantom of the Opera, while not a true story, is inspired by events that took place at the Paris Opera house.


Friday raffle - Meat tray, veg tray or a 6 pack of local brews.

Cash is King!

Scrounge up those goldies and join us every Friday afternoon from 4pm. The raffle will be drawn between 6:30 & 7pm. 

Gotta be in it to win it. 

Trivia Tuesdays from 7:30pm

PBC Trivia has been poppin off! It is now essential to book ahead lest you miss out.

Come and test your knowledge every Tuesday night at The PBC with the one and only, Mr Trivia. 

Life Drawing Petersham - 6:30pm

Two hours of life drawing with some of the best Sydney life drawing models. Suitable for both beginners, experts and everyone in-between. Materials available for beginners.

Every Tuesday, Downstairs Green room 6:30-8:30pm and every 1st Wednesday of the month. 

Keep updated for event news! 

Inner West Tool Library

Got a couple DIY projects that you just don't seem to have the right tool for? Hit up the IWTL!

The tool library operates on annual memberships and if you become a member you can use the library as much or as little as you like. You can browse the library inventory and reserve the things you want to borrow online, then just go onto their site in Petersham to collect your goodies. You can use them for the weekend or the week and then return them so the rest of the community can enjoy them too.

Open Saturdays from 9am-12pm but you can browse the catalogue online HERE – don’t forget to become a member!


Convene on the Green, Friday the 14th of October.

Your monthly family friendly get together. 

This happens every 2nd Friday of the month! 

                                                *This month & every month, La Nina decides what happens so as always it will be rain depending. Keep an eye on the socials the day of or before for an update!

Liz and Craig at Sydney Jumping castle hire are the heroes of the Convene on the green and we couldn't do it without them.

Poets @ Petersham Bowling Club - 6:30pm

Poetry @ The Petersham bowls

6:30pm onwards, Every third Thursdayof the month upstairs at the PBC. 

Check out their Facebook page!

Becoming a member @ The PBC!

Booking at the PBC for your next get together? If you live within a 5km radius supporting your club has never been easier. You can follow the prompts here to become a member and enjoy all the perks! "like never having to sign in again!" and generous drink and bowls discounts. 

Join us! 

Gigs & Events!

Your rolling guide for the month of October.


We are currently still closed Mondays and Wednesdays, sorry for any inconvenience.