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Breaking New Ground

The Baby Fold will soon begin construction of a sensory playground and garden on the Willow Street campus designed for students with Autism. This space wiill have teacher-selected elements that will either stimulate or calm children as needed. The goal of this special space is to meet sensory, social, and language needs while setting the stage for complex forms of learning. The Colin and Russell Ringenberg Memorial Playground is made possible through the love of their mother, Pam who recently donated to several causes close to her heart. The Baby Fold was blessed by her incredible gift. 

National Foster Care Month - Our Heroes!

Foster parents and relative caregivers are heroes in the lives of children! Jacob and Sienna are two of our foster parents who share their story.

"We have been foster parents for almost five years. Originally, before we knew much about foster care, we talked about adopting an older child because we wanted to help children who felt unloved, unwanted, and alone...We chose The Baby Fold because we liked the mission. Foster care has allowed us to help children when they need us...We have been lucky to have a great experience with the workers at The Baby Fold; they truly care about their foster parents and the children."

Behind the Gun

Devastating violence in our nation’s schools has sparked thoughtful discussion on the important topic of youth mental illness. To keep the conversation going, we are participating in a year-long multi-agency Mental Health Awareness Campaign in McLean County to destigmatize mental illness and provide our community with facts, mental health "first aid" skills, and conversation-facilitating language that anyone can utilize. Partner with us and touch the lives of struggling youth! Visit Mental Health First Aid HERE to learn more.

Using Life Skills to Honor Veterans

Teaching life skills is an important component of The Baby Fold's Hammitt Junior-Senior High School curriculum. The students of teacher-therapist Lori Hughes recently used their skills to carefully plan a luncheon and trivia event for local veterans. The students planned the menu from start to finish, put their food preparation skills to the test, and spent the afternoon serving others who have served our country so well.

Engaging Communication

When parents, students, and school communicate effectively, emotional and educational success is inevitable! To foster healthy communication, our Hammitt Elementary staff utilize "communication notebooks" that serve as a daily courier of information to and from our classrooms. Our Challenges program utilizes a template to highlight vital aspects of our non-verbal students' experience at home and at school. Whether providing an update on a science project or the daily list of homework, these notebooks create important connections and help our students to thrive.

Fabulous Founders Day

Over 200 donors, supporters, and friends gathered at the Doubletree Hotel and Conference Center in Bloomington on Friday. The Baby Fold staff honored supporters of their mission to lift up children and families. The theme of the day was based around Matthew 5:16, which says, "Let your light shine before man, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father in Heaven." Thank you to all the volunteers, donors, and friends whose lights shine so brightly for children -whether you were in attendance or not! Your good works positively impact the lives and futures of children and families. We value your partnership.

Thank you!