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Jan-Feb 2019

Happy New 2019!

Wow, 2018 was a very full year of music and travel, including international tours in Europe & Asia (my debut!), multiple premieres and collaborations, and or course, a new recording!

I am fortunate to have so many music & guitar enthusiasts supporting this musical life. It is a pleasure to share these sounds with all of you.

2019 is already off to an amazing start with my Alabama debut next week, a return to the northwest in February, All-Bach, and a new series. See below for information.



ps. New Spanish music videos (click to see what): Aqui & Aqui

The John. Cage. Guitar. album release concert in Boston was a great success and garnared many happy listeners, and a review in The Boston Musical Intelligencer

John. Cage. Guitar. at 35,000ft ! Fliers of British Airways, you can now listen to the album. Noise canceling headphones are a plus. Click the image if you don't believe it either.

Recent Interviews!

  1. Cross-Eyed Pianist, UK's top music blog – interview
  2. NeuGuitars of Italy – interview, review & video playlist (En)
  3. NeuGuitars of Italy – review (Italian)
  4. Music Web – review
  5. BNN News – TV interview
  6. Classical Guitar Insider podcast, starts at 6' of Episode 115

Video for John. Cage. Guitar.

John. Cage. Guitar. • Listen Everywhere: AmazoniTunesInfo Page • Download the PDF Booklet written by Aaron

Taiwan was amazing!!

Great people, well organized, wonderful music and exquisite food! I performed concerts, taught masterclasses, tried out vintage guitars, explored their amazing train system, ate street food and even found hot springs!
Photos & 3 exploring videos: wowsquid, food

I am very much looking forward to returning. Specail thanks to guitarist Seiko Tsai, the Miko Academy, Kaohsiung Shude University, Tainan University, and the great Tsao-Lun Lu. 



January 14-17: Alabama Tour

January 27: Student Recital (Boston)

February 13-17: Oregon & Washington

Feb. 21: UMass Boston

February 21: University of Hartford with baritone Ian Pomerantz

March 23: All-Bach in Boston

April 13: Now Musique with violist Michael Hall – Aaron's latest live music project exploring 'New & Neglected Gems'. Premieres of Francine Trester & Brazilian Antonio Celso Ribeiro.
Michael is amazing: www.MichaelHallViola.com

* New concerts are being added. Go to www.ALCGuitar.com/calendar.php for more information.

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