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I have to say a huge 'Thank you' to everyone who came to see us in London at 'Salute'.  We had an amazing weekend meeting with old friends and making some new ones.  It is times like that we realise how lucky we are to have such a loyal support network of customers and friends.  Thank you!

If you think however that we took the opportunity to take a rest after the stresses of the show, you are indeed mistaken!

EIGHT new resin releases in the last six weeks has meant that we have had to create a new category in the shop just for resin figures just to keep everyone happy (and make it easier to find them of course!)

The latest three releases are shown below but you can see the whole category here

Please don't worry if you are waiting for a new 'metal fix' .... we are busy in that department too and have just sent a new batch of greens and masters off for moulding.  We regularly post pictures and insights into our production runs on our Facebook pages, the latest mould allocations are shown here.  My personal favourites are the new 'tooled-up' Post-Apoc/Zombie hunter teenage gang!

At last, Kev finished the Walker (and doesn't it look gorgeous!)

two views of the closed-cockpit Grymn Walker

Kev says "At last, a vehicle for the Grymn.  This variant has the sealed closed cockpit.  It is a single-man heavy weapons platform combining the mobility of the human form with the armour of a tank."

I say " gorgeous smooth resin, crisp detail, smooth finish, luverly bit of kit! and if you buy two you get a free pilot!

Sana, beautiful barbarian.

beautiful Sana

28mm scale.

Smooth HF blue/grey resin which will take paint wonderfully. 

Sana is a barbarian queen in a full-length bear-skin cloak.  She could also be used as a savage warrior for RPG/Skirmish games.

Alternatively you could just relish in her beauty and Kevs skill (he makes me put that bit in, just in case you forget who made her!) and admire her as she is.

40mm Scale Kalee

Gorgeous Kalee

One of our popular 28mm scale characters is now available in 40mm scale resin

Kalee is sent to you as a single body with 5 additional components.  The two right hand options are a living axe and a sword. The two left hand options are a severed head plus a multi-function fighting shield.  Also supplied is a sheathed short-sword which fixes to her belt on her left hip.

A truly gorgeous female who shows Kevs love and mastery of the female form.  He is currently working on a new version of her in the same pose but minus her torso armour ( yes...topless...Kev enjoyed researching that one!)

and finally ...for now.......a sneak peek at what is on its way...

New guns, female 'He-Man', Tooled-up teenage gang

I grab pics of Kevs workbench when he isn't around so if you want to see more of what he is up to then keep an eye on this album


Thanks for reading!

Sally :)