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Encouraging News in the Fight Against Smartphone Theft

“iCrime” and “Apple picking.” They may be cute euphemisms, but the risk of theft is actually a very ugly reality for smartphone owners. Each year, millions of handsets are stolen and sold on the black market for as much as several hundred dollars each. Smartphone theft is so lucrative, in fact, that it is estimated that nearly half of all robberies in the United States now involve mobile devices. Even more disturbing is the fact that these crimes are now becoming increasingly violent, often involving injuries and, in a few rare cases, even death.

So what can be done to curb a crime so profitable? One thing having a major impact is the addition of "kill switches;" At least according to recently released crime data.


Complying With a Microsoft Software Licensing Audit

Imagine seeing the FedEx delivery man dropping off an envelope to your place of business.

The receptionist brings over the envelope and you get more excited.

Until you open the envelope, that is, and see who it's from. Inside, you find the dreaded Microsoft Audit Letter.

Recently, thousands of small and mid-sized businesses have reported receiving one of three types of licensing audits used by Microsoft to ensure compliance with their products:

  • Microsoft Licensing General Partners Self-Audit Request
  • Sofware Asset Management (SAM) Engagement
  • Legal Contract Compliance (LCC) Audit


CONFIRMED: Windows 10 Will Be Free Upgrade for Current Users

Microsoft has confirmed that it will be allowing free upgrades to Windows 10 from both Windows 7 and 8 for the first year following release. This should come as great news to the multitudes of frustrated Windows 8 users, and to those still using Windows 7, which Microsoft has already begun phasing out.

Little is known in regards to how Microsoft intends to roll out the free upgrade, other than head of operating systems at Apple, Terry Myerson's, assertion that the company would be "sharing more information and additional offer terms in the coming months."

We will pass along this information as it becomes available.

We're Going Quarterly

The Vision will now be distributed four times per year rather than monthly. Watch for our next edition in May!