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The Times, 20 July 2009
'For richer or poorer, tax breaks are fairer'
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The Blue Blog, 16 July 2009
'Rebuilding our broken society starts with supporting families'
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The Spectator, 15 July 2009
'Love and marriage?'
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The Times, 15 July 2009
'Money won't buy you love. Or good marriages'
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The Guardian, 14 July 2009
IDS's family report proves there are second acts in political lives
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The Daily Telegraph, 13 July 2009
'More taxpayer-funded counselling needed, Iain Duncan Smith says'
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The Sunday Telegraph, 12 July 2009
Divorcing couples face compulsory 'cooling off' period under Tory government
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Family Law Week, 12 July 2009
'Think tank calls for cooling off period before divorce'
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 BBC News, 12 July 2009
Divorce 'cool off' period urged
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The Sunday Telegraph, 12 July 2009
Broken Britain - can we fix it?
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The Sunday Times, 12 July 2009
Conservatives in 'cooling off' plan to save marriages
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New majority, 10 July 2009
Tories Tackle Social Mobility
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The Daily Mail, 8 July 2009
Hooray! The Tories are backing marriage - but they're wrong to pretend all relationships are equal
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The Daily Telegraph, 4 July 2009
Tory tax breaks in blueprint for stronger families
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The Daily Mail, 4 July 2009
Tory blueprint for the family: Tax deals forthe married, tougher laws on divorce and prenup deals
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Juliette Ash, CSJ Alliance Director, has had a baby boy! Joshua James Ash was born last Wednesday. Mum, dad and baby said to be doing well!




The long anticipated CSJ Family Law Review caused a media stir this week

The CSJ published Every Family Matters last week, policy proposals to strenghten families. The report builds on Breakthrough Britain which revealed the scale of family breakdown in Britain and the devastating impact it is having both on individuals and wider society. The report generated 25 articles as well as TV and radio reports.

Evidence shows that those growing up in healthy, married, two-parent families are more likely to lead happy, healthy and successful lives than those who have not experienced the same level of family security and stability.

Much of our anecdotal evidence came from you in the CSJ Alliance and the 2,000 organisations working with addicts, lone parents, ex-offenders. Each reiterated the profound impact broken family backgrounds had on the people you work with. 

If you want to discuss the report and its contents visit

Picture: A young family helped by Wiltshire-based charity U Too Dads which won a 2009 CSJ Award.

For those of you who have any time to read it (!), you can get a pdf of the Every Family Matters report and executive summary here.

"Every Family Matters" A Policy Report by the Family Law Review
Executive Summary
Key Policy Recommendations Sheet


CSJ AWARDS 2009, £70,000 prize fund

Seven voluntary groups won cash prizes of £10,000 each on 1 July 2009. Over 300 organisations applied for the Award, with 13 groups shortlisted. The Awards took place in central London and were attended by 250 senior politicians, editors of national newspapers, wealthy philanthropists, and leaders of voluntary sector organisations.

Celebrities included GMTV's Emma Crosby, Tamsin Greig of the Green Wing and Booker Prize Winner Ben Okri along with Eric Pickles (Con), Simon Hughes (Lib Dem) and Charles Clarke (Lab) who presented awards.

The Awards event started with an explosive fight scene from ex-offender drama group Only Connect and celebrated the work of groups tackling poverty and gang violence. The Life-time Achievement Awards was presented to Maxie Richards for her tirelss work with helping addicts get clear of their addictions.

For details of this year's winners click here

For photos from the event click here


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