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April showers bring May flowers

April showers do bring May flowers, but so do dedicated teachers. The supervisor of our program for children who are on the autism spectrum, Carrie Green, is just one of The Baby Fold's very special teachers.
Recently Carrie asked one of her students to tell her about a math page that he had worked on. Brian has autism and struggles to communicate and to handle his emotions. He is so fortunate to have such a patient and loving teacher.

This is Brian's good work. Take a look at the vase with no flowers in it. See the watering can that he added? When Carrie asked him why he added the watering can, Brian shrugged his shoulders and simply replied, "There are no flowers yet, but I'll help them grow."

Sometimes our children who struggle to overcome the challenges of autism, feel frustrated and isolated. They need someone to help them grow. To shower them with expert care....and more.
Carrie lights up when she talks about Brian and students like him.   "We fall in love with our kids." Through the lens of compassion and patience, Carrie and her staff at Hammitt School can help children work through the frustrations of trying to communicate and relate to others.

Brian often holds his head and says, "Oh, forget it!" when he can't find the words to express what he wants to say. But the teachers in his classroom know how to gently help him relax and find enough words to get his point across.

There are no "zeros" at The Baby Fold. But there are many children who need someone to come alongside them and shower them with the right kind of education and caring so that they can blossom into the best kids they can be!

Everyone knows that teachers at Hammitt and public schools as well, give out of their own pockets to meet the needs of their students. To help support our classrooms for children on the autism spectrum, click here please.

We're Growing Salsa!

Hammitt Elementary students take an afternoon for some "hands on" learning about how vegetables grow. They are planting tomatoes and peppers. Stay tuned for a report on the chips and salsa party that is sure to happen later this summer!

Celebrating 50 Years of Service

Dianne Schultz, CEO of The Baby Fold, leads the board and staff in thanking Dick Winters for 50 years of leadership on our board of directors. It is truly amazing to meet a man with such dedication and devotion to the children and families we serve. He and his wife Eleanor are world travelers, but they never forget to care for the children here at home. They have helped us grow for 5 decades!
If you would like to make a $50.00 gift (or a gift of any size) to honor and thank Mr. Winters, please click here.

Growing Healthy Families

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