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Supporting a Life-Changing Program

Heroes Academy director Kyle Ellison came to us with a challenge: implement a name change and brand transformation as bold as his new vision for the organization. Real Men, Real Heroes needed an update and Heroes Academy was born out of a changing mission.

Signature Tailwins

Taking Flight in Arkansas

Few things are as gratifying as a customer spreading their wings. Our client, King Aerospace, the Texas-based provider of aircraft maintenance, modifications, paint and more, is readying two mammoth hangars and shop space at Northwest Arkansas National Airport near Rogers. The family-owned company and its cornerstone principles – quality in everything (no excuses) – are easy for us to embrace. We’re glad to be flying along on this next leg.


Breaking Ground, Breaking News

Clay Lacy Aviation recently broke ground on a $20 million expansion of its Waterbury-Oxford Airport facility. We helped support the event showcasing a commitment to investing in Connecticut aviation and jobs. To get more traction after the big day, we created a video highlighting the speakers and fast facts to accompany a press release, giving reporters a reason to make the big dig a newsworthy priority.

Signature Tailwins

FlightSafety Training to the Test

Nothing is more impactful than a real-world testimonial. In Ohio Highway Patrol Sgt. David Sizemore’s case, his story was one of survival, boosted by FlightSafety helicopter training that prepared him for anything. The veteran pilot told how he and the crew avoided a terrible outcome because of what they learned in a FlightSafety simulator.


Heart of Vantis is Beating

Vantis reached a major milestone this summer in opening its Mission and Network Operations Center. The command center for North Dakota’s unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) is the heart of the system, integral to coordinating beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) flights. We provided on-site support for the event, and helped push content out before and after the big day, which drew industry and government leaders, including the state’s governor.


JETNET iQ Showcases the Future

There are some invitations you don’t turn down. When long-time agency friend, JETNET iQ program creator and director Rollie Vincent, asked Ashley Bowen Cook to moderate a panel at the group’s annual conference in New York City, she jumped at the chance. She came back full of info and insights into business aviation’s future.


Piedmont Pays its Pilots

No regional airline is doing more to address the pilot shortage than Piedmont. A new digital and paid social recruitment campaign touted the company’s huge pay increases – an average of 57% more than other regionals – and fast track to American Airlines. Targeted messaging, targeted audience. Quick facts and sharp visuals appeal to candidates, getting them to apply.

News You Can Use

The Long Shot with Instagram

Instagram’s user experience has begun to significantly morph over the last several months, as Meta strives to compete with TikTok’s momentum. While changes haven’t been finalized yet, users and brands should adjust their content for the inevitable move. Make plans now to get better engagement.


Take Five with Kendall Schellhorn

The advertising industry is ever-changing with varying facets that attract and inspire the professionals who choose this career path. Some are drawn in by their passion for design, others find a thrill in wordsmithing and content creation. Greteman Group Brand Manager Kendall Schellhorn shares what has inspired her throughout her career as she answers these five questions.



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