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Salute 2012, Promotions, freebies and discounts!

It's nearly that time again ...time to panic and try to cram an entire workshop into a van and drive south to London for our biggest show of the year. 'Salute' is held at the Excel Centre in Docklands and as well as seeing all of the gorgeous HF goodness up close and personal there might be a few other interesting stands to visit ( maybe just a few......although none as important or wonderful as us of course!)



PRE-ORDERS:  From Monday 5th March the following code will be valid on the website until Monday 16th April 2012.      SALUTEPREORDER

This code can ONLY be used if you plan on attending the show and will collect your pre-packed order there as this code will instruct the shopping cart to remove shipping charges and give you a choice of picking 1 of 4  FREE BONUS items to add to your order.  Orders over £35 (excluding VAT) £42 including VAT will receive a FREE copy of the metal 'Statue of Liberty' figure plus when you collect your order at the show you will have a choice of 2 FREE sticker/decal sheets from a selection.



If you are going, then we are in our usual spot, Stand TA02. Never been to see us before?  Don't worry we are easy to find. Go in through the main entrance and turn left then look straight ahead at the far wall directly in front of you.  The big blue banner on the far left is us!

As usual we will have various promotions on the day including bonus multi-pack deals,  limited stocks of unreleased figures and also free gifts with purchases including sample packs of new items from the 'Accessories' ranges.



If you cant make it, we are sorry to miss you but don't worry as we have a special bonus just for you.   If you go onto the website from Thursday 19th April 2012 to Monday 23rd April 2012 and enter the code    MAKEMEHAPPYSALLY   at checkout you will get 10% off of your order value (before tax and shipping) plus a free copy of the metal 'Statue of Liberty' in your order on all orders over £35 (excluding VAT) and a FREE mystery additional item.


....that we only have some of the new releases available in limited quantities until after the show therefore the only way you might be able to guarantee getting some of the items is if you pre-order to collect at the show.

Can't remember whats new?  That's okay, we have had so many releases this year that even I am struggling to keep up!   Details will follow shortly of all of the latest releases that have gone up on the website over the last week including the new 40mm resin Kalee but a quick way to remind yourself is to log into the 'New Toys' section every few weeks.

Thanks for reading!

Sally :)