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Wrapped in Joy and So Much More


The Christmas season was truly wrapped in joy, because so many of our friends and families shined like stars!


From the lights and sounds of Christmas filling the air at The  Festival of Trees, to the quiet reading of the Nativity story by the glow of a nightlight in a residential child's bedroom, we were wrapped in the joy and warmth of the season.

Wishing on a Star

So many wishes came true for our children and families because our Baby Fold community granted their wishes. Our residential children were "blown away" by the abundance of gifts awaiting them on Christmas morning. Healthy Start moms cuddled their new babies in brand new clothes, blankets and all the necessities. The Hammitt School children received special treats for the season. The annual Wish List program provided gifts for 577 foster, adoptive, residential and school children. (That's over 4,000 gifts in all)!

Super Stars!

At this year's Festival of Trees, CEO Dianne Schultz was honored to receive a check for $6,000 from the Normal Firefighter's Association . And this was just the beginning of a showering of gifts from local partners.

The Normal Firefighters purchased and delivered gifts to 30 children from 12 client families. And they weren't done yet...They provided holiday parties for Hammitt elementary kids and Healthy Start moms and toddlers.

Not to be outdone....WalMart provided the sparkle in the holidays for 100 children through a $5,000 grant that provided Christmas gifts for 100 children! Shop with a Hometown Hero is a stellar event where our kids get to shop with our local heroes-men and women police officers, firefighters, EMTs and various branches of the service. It is a wonderful opportunity for children and first responders to have a positive experience, developing mutual respect, and just sharing in the joy of giving.

Vivian and Jeff Elder teamed up with our friends at The Grand Cafe and provided a Christmas feast for our residential kids and their families. And Dr. Matt Fraker and his wife Dr. Sherri Thornton kept the good times rolling through the holiday break, providing movie tickets and meals for kids who aren't able to go home for Christmas. Herb and Diane Miles wanted to be sure the residential children could ring in the new year together, so they provided an amazing pizza party for all the kids and staff.

Star Light, Star Bright

The children and families at The Baby Fold are looking up to us to provide hope and healing. All of us working together can be that beacon of restoration and new beginnings. As we start this new year, we do it with gratitude for all who chose to be a star to each of our children. Our year end giving was so generous, that we met our goal for a matching gift opportunity of $48,000!

Although it is a challenging time in our state, and some days seem dark, all we have to do is look up. There we see you, our shining stars, providing light in the darkness and hope in the challenges. We are so grateful and blessed. May your New Year shine bright for you and your families.