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Live Sound Setup in the U.K.

We recently had the pleasure of connecting with the technical director at NoiseBoys Technologies, Phill Beynon who shared with us his experience setting up Leicester Cathedral’s massive A/V system and his thoughts on using FuzzMeasure for live sound setups.

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SuperMegaUltraGroovy Introduces All-New Isolation Feature for Capo and Capo touch

Capo 3.4 and Capo touch 2.3 now includes an all-new isolation feature that helps you hear individual parts more clearly by isolating instruments or vocals in a stereo recording. You can also do the opposite, and remove individual parts to play or sing alongside the original recording.

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"The isolation is amazing! I love the pan feature the most. The fact that I can scope around the spatial position as well the frequency. It’s very innovative that you can fade out all the other things."

Hanan Rubinstein
Guitarist for Alicia Keys, Pharrell, Rita Ora, Roy Ayers, Carole King, Ellie Goulding, and many more.

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Review: FuzzMeasure 4

“If you do any mixing or production it's important to understand the best way to acoustically treat the room you use. That's where FuzzMeasure 4 comes in, helping you to make decisions from real data.”

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Capo: Using Isolation: Tips & Tricks

Capo 3.4 and Capo touch 2.3 now includes the all-new Isolation feature that replaces the Effects tab that supplied Mono, EQ, and Vocal Reduction. While those features have been removed, you can still do everything that the old Effects did, but now also much more!

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