Issue 11   ―   April 2024
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Welcome to the next edition of our Quorn Nutrition newsletter, and this one is jam packed with not one, not two, but three new expert blogs for you to check out, as well as plenty of new research to get stuck in to! So let’s get started..

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How Retailers Can Shape More Sustainable & Nutritious Shopping Baskets?

Read this blog from Laura Street, Registered Nutritionist, as she explores how retailers and retail nutritionists can help us all shift to a more sustainable and healthier diet, and diversify our diets.

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The Importance of Making Fibre a Focus for Children & Tips For Increasing Intakes

In this blog Dr Frankie Phillips, Registered Dietitian, shares her insights into the role of fibre in childhood health and current intakes, along with her practical strategies for increasing fibre intake in younger ones. 

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Mycoprotein: a Potential New Tool for Managing Cholesterol Levels?

In this blog post, Dr George Pavis highlights the crucial role that diet plays in managing elevated cholesterol levels and sheds light on a promising ally in cholesterol management – mycoprotein – and its potential mechanisms for reducing cholesterol levels.

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Latest Mycoprotein Research

Celebrating successes of Quorn supported early-career researchers, and highlighting relevant publications from others.

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Meet PhD Researcher, Mohammed

Mohammed Salama has recently joined Northumbria University, under the supervision of Dr Daniel Commane, where his PhD research will primarily focus on investigating the immunomodulatory effects and mechanisms associated with mycoprotein, derived from Fusarium venenatum. 'I am particularly excited about the potential to uncover new insights into how mycoprotein can modulate the immune system and its responses. This research has significant implications for understanding how mycoprotein consumption might affect immune reactivity and tolerance in the human body.'

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Quadram Institute Research

We're delighted to share the final publication from Dr Raffaele Colosimo's PhD research. This research focused on the colonic in vitro fermentation of mycoprotein and found that mycoprotein can be fermented by the gut microbiota, which results in changes in the bacterial communities. Specifically, they observed an increase in Bacteroides species, along with the production of short-chain fatty acids.

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University of Exeter Research

Dr George Pavis and colleagues from the Univeristy of Exeter have published a new paper in Clinical Nutrition, exploring whether a home-based dietary intervention of mycoprotein-containing foods would affect markers of cardio-metabolic health in overweight and hypercholesterolaemic adults. Compared to meat/fish control foods, the intervention effectively lowered circulating cholesterol concentrations.

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