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Keep Sharing the Love!

During this month of February in which we celebrate love in our lives, we are reminded that everyone has a need to love and be loved. The Baby Fold loves our children and families through modeling effective parenting, teaching children to focus and learn, and helping new mothers to bond with their babies. Our programs that deal with very complex issues begin and end with love- unconditional regard for every client. If you would like to share the love with The Baby Fold and our children and families, click here to donate.

The Baby Fold to the Rescue

Your car has broken down. You pull over. You look under the hood, but you don't know why, because you don't even know what you're looking at. You call AAA and wait for help. Many of us can relate to the helpless feeling that comes when the life throws us a curve and we need a rescue. The Smith family felt this way when they recently found themselves in need of The Baby Fold's foster care services. The parents admitted that they made a bad decision that put their children at risk. Thankfully, this was a one-time incident. Mr. and Mrs. Smith got the help they needed quickly and worked hard to meet their goal to keep their children safe. Their two kids were fostered in the home of a relative for a short period of time and were returned to a safe and healthy home. The "repair" for this family was relatively easy. Many of our cases are much more complex- needing a variety of special tools and services. The Smiths have welcomed subsequent monitoring visits and they family is doing very well. They are grateful that when they felt like they were broken down by the side of the road, The Baby Fold foster care team came to their rescue with just the right tools- parent training and safe foster placement. Today the Smiths are back on the road to a happy future!

Karen Rousey Retires

We are so grateful for the dedicated commitment to the children and families of The Baby Fold provided by Karen Rousey. Karen has dedicated her life to service and care of children, youth, and adults in a variety of settings. For the past 22 years, Karen has been an advocate for children- from tucking a residential little one in bed at night with a story and a hug, to meeting with state leaders to build a future for our families. Karen has been a strong voice for children and an exceptional member of our leadership team. Karen shared, "It's been a joy and a privilege to work at The Baby Fold. It is inspiring to see the dedication and expertise of the staff, commitment of our board, and the positive impacts of our services with children and families."

State Farm Doubles Your Investment

Attention State Farm employees and retirees! Your gifts to The Baby Fold, up to $1,500 each year, will be matched by State Farm Insurance. The Baby Fold and State Farm share a commitment to seeing each person reach their highest potential.  Please go to www.cybergrants.com/statefarm/gives to make a gift or payroll deduction. Your generous donations will do twice as much good building strength and well-being in our community.