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A Decade Ahead of Oprah!

We knew we were on to something big - an entire decade before Oprah’s recent 60 Minutes report on childhood trauma! Over a decade ago, The Baby Fold began partnering with national trauma expert Dr. Bruce Perry and implementing trauma-informed care to help our children heal and thrive. Pictured above with Dr. Perry is Theresa Lawrence, Clinical Supervisor of Adoption Preservation and Foster Care Therapy and Kathleen Bush, Associate Director of Clinical Services. 

If you viewed Sunday’s 60 Minutes on CBS, you saw Oprah interview our friend Dr. Perry about the lifelong impact of childhood trauma. Research shows us the connection between early trauma (chronic stress due to poverty, abuse, neglect) and the increased risk of physical and mental health issues throughout life. Perry praised the trauma-informed model of care that asks "What happened to you?" instead of "What's wrong with you?" and corrects the underlying issues that fuel negative behaviors. Only when we first fill "the hole in the soul" as Oprah put it, can a child begin to heal and thrive. In fact, this model of care is so greatly valued at The Baby Fold, that every member of our staff has received trauma training and we offer training to others working with traumatized youth.

Children thrive in the presence of people who trust and care. At The Baby Fold, each of us aims to be that person and to change the trajectory of a child’s life into a positive and fruitful future. To see the interview with Dr. Perry, click HERE.

We're Lucky and Blessed!

At The Baby Fold, we are lucky and blessed! Little Harry, the first baby to come into our “fold” in 1902, was blessed to have a safe place to lay his head, warm milk to sustain his growing body, and loving arms to comfort him day and night. Today, over a thousand children and families find that same embrace through our compassionate staff in the myriad of services that we provide. The Baby Fold connects our children and families with what's needed most: love, safety, health, and community. And throughout our long history, God has connected The Baby Fold with people who also share in our mission. We are so grateful for those who help us to grow and expand our embrace. If you'd like to join us in our ministry, click HERE. But be warned: if you give, you’re going to be blessed!

The Impact of The Baby Fold: A First United Methodist Church Testimony

The Baby Fold touches so many lives: it's a beautiful effect of our critical work with children and families. Recently, First United Methodist Church in Springfield produced a video to support the spiritual initiatives of The Baby Fold and those of our sister agencies through the Methodist Church "Our Conference, Our Kids" campaign. In this video, James Summers, a member of FUMC in Springfield, shared his emotional testimony about his adoption, his struggles, and why in one single moment 44 years later, he deeply understands the power of giving back. Click HERE​ to view this powerful testimony and see how James' renewed connection is undeniable. 


“Jody,” a senior at Hammitt High School, is looking forward to graduating this May. When she walks across the stage to receive her diploma, she'll be taking the last steps of a long journey with The Baby Fold.

Jody came to Hammitt with a history of anxiety and school phobia. Her parents were very invested in their daughter, but Jody’s anxiety overwhelmed them all. On the first day of school, her parents drove her to The Baby Fold. Jody, crippled with fear and stress, cried all the way to school. Upon arriving, the family was greeted in the parking lot by Jody’s teacher and social worker. Her parents quickly realized that they would have to give Jody some time and space. The Baby Fold staff didn't force Jody out of the car and into the school, but instead approached the car, opened the door, and gently sat beside her. Day one, step one. Gradually over time and with great patience, Jody entered the school building, first sitting in the common area, where teachers would bring her schoolwork. They took the time to listen to Jody and help her feel comfortable and safe. In time, Jody felt ready to join the classroom with her peers, and eventually opened up to new relationships with kids and adults. Throughout her senior year, Jody transformed into a class leader; a brave and independent young woman. Through a step-by-step approach and with an emphasis on working together as a team, Jody is ready to begin her adult life with a diploma a newfound confidence.