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ISSUE #007

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Grammy Award Winning Recording Engineer uses FuzzMeasure

Grammy Award Winning Recording Engineer uses FuzzMeasure

We recently had the honor of connecting with the very talented Tony David Cray to discuss some of his recent projects and learn how he uses FuzzMeasure. We found out that FuzzMeasure is an important part of his workflow for mixing concerts, tuning monitors and analyzing gear. We're thrilled to have Tony as a FuzzMeasure customer and to share this case study with you. 

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Dissecting Hendrix with Isolation in Capo

Dissecting Hendrix with Isolation in Capo

Anthony Stauffer from Texas Blues Alley is a top online guitar teacher who recently did a killer demo of Capo's new isolation feature. We thought it was so great that we just had to share it with you. Be sure to check out the tutorial on YouTube, and visit Texas Blues Alley for some great blues guitar lessons.



Blog Post: What Musicians Want

What Musicians Want

In this month's blog post, Dot Bustelo reflects on what world touring musicians want, how they think about playing music and what Capo adds to the mix.

Dot is SuperMegaUltraGroovy’s Creative Marketing Director. She's had a unique career as an electronic music producer, Logic expert for world-touring bands, stage demonstrator for Apple, and #1 best-selling Logic author on Amazon and Read More ›



FuzzMeasure 4.1 — Now Available

FuzzMeasure 4.1 — Now Available

  • You can now alter FuzzMeasure's waterfall graphs to adjust their 3D perspective. Select a waterfall graph, mouse over one of the dots on the Z axis, and drag the adjustment handle to directly manipulate the graph display.
  • Graphs are now stored with an aspect ratio value, which may also be adjusted. As you resize FuzzMeasure's window, the graphs' aspect ratios are maintained so that they shrink and grow in response to the window's size. To adjust a graph's aspect ratio, drag the dashed divider line below the graph to change its height.

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Pioneer Nearfield RM-07 Monitors are Tested with FuzzMeasure

Phil Ward recently tested the frequency response of the new Pioneer RM-07 studio monitors for Sound on Sound magazine using FuzzMeasure. Be sure to check out his insightful article and findings in the latest issue!

(Note:  A subscription to Sound on Sound is required to view the full article.)



Prepping for Guitar Center's Remix Contest

Capo user IAN LIVE (digital percussionist/guitarist/producer Ian Schumacher) showed  us how he preps for Guitar Center’s Above & Beyond remix contest using Capo. Check out the short clip on YouTube we made to demonstrate his process. Thanks Ian for sharing this tip!



SuperMegaUltraGroovy Support

Open Songs in Emails from your Bandmates

Do your collaborators send you new tracks and ideas over email? You can open those songs in Capo touch using Mail on your iPhone or iPad. Learn How 



Capo Testimonials

"This isolation will be a great thing for anyone trying to pick out a part, to be able to really drag the frequency slider to the left and see what the bass is doing. This is as good as it gets to pick out parts. It's the next best thing to having the stems—so handy and helpful!"

— Will Lee

Grammy Award-winning bassist for Late Show with David Letterman, Mariah Carey, George Benson, B.B. King, Ringo Starr, Gloria Estefan, James Brown, Bette Midler, Steely Dan, Ace Frehley, Frank Sinatra and more

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