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Family Policy Discussion with the Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP

The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) joined other organisations with an interest in promoting family policy to discuss this important area with the Secretary of State for Work & Pensions. Addressing over 20 groups and organisations working in family policy, Iain Duncan Smith spoke about the Government’s work in this area and answered questions from the audience on how the government can deliver successful pro-family policies.

Re-launch of All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Fatherhood

David Lammy MP and CSJ Campiagns Director Frank Young at the Fatherhood APPG. Photo courtesy of John Adams of http://dadbloguk.com

The CSJ attended the re-launch of the Fatherhood APPG with David Lammy MP. The CSJ will be working with the Fatherhood APPG to support fathers and increase family stability. At the well-attended Westminster event David Lammy MP spoke passionately about “the importance of enacting legislation that promotes active, responsible fatherhood”, an area he admitted was too often neglected.

In particular he highlighted the policy – promoted by the CSJ – of compulsory registration of fathers on birth certificates. He argued that this would ensure that fathers have a role in the child’s life from the very beginning. CSJ Chief Executive Baroness Stroud will be joining this group to help promote constructive policy in this area.

Guest Blog – Imogen Atkinson: Recognising Fathers in the Policy Process...

Imogen Atkinson attended the re-launch of the Fatherhood APPG and writes about the important role of fathers and calls on the Government to adopt the CSJ policy for recognising fathers on birth certificate


CSJ POLICY – Joint registration of births (Fully Commited, p81-83): read here

Business, Charities and Social Good Project

This week the CSJ held its first steering group meeting to discuss a new research project which will examine how business can tackle the root causes of poverty through its core work. The project, which will run until the second half of next year, is considering what businesses can learn from charities and what charities can learn from business.

The CSJ Visits Debate Mate

The CSJ met with Debate Mate this week, as part of our effort to expand our network of poverty fighting voluntary organisations. Our CSJ Awards Planner, Dolly Theis has written a blog about her meeting with Debate Mate this week.



Alex Burghart: Spreading Educational Excellence to our Poorest Areas

CSJ Director of Policy, Alex Burghart responds to a speech this week by Ofsted Chief Inspector of Education Sir Michael Wilshaw and calls for the best academy providers to be helped into the poorest areas.


CSJ POLICY  Incentivising high quality providers to take on schools in challenging areas (Closing the Divide, p78-81): read here

Frank Young: Extending Access to State Boarding For Children in Care

CSJ Campaigns Director, Frank Young follows up on new research on the achievement of children in care to promote the benefits of State Boarding for vulnerable children.


CSJ POLICY – Improving stability for the most vulnerable pupils (Closing the Divide, p51-55): read here


The CSJ is unique amongst think tanks in having an alliance of over 350 grassroots charities and small voluntary organisations that are working to tackle social issues in the most disadvantaged parts of Britain.

This week we feature one of our CSJ Award winners, a charity who work with young children in one of the most deprived areas in London. Scene and Heard use a novel approach to improve children’s confidence, literacy skills and attitudes towards education.

Working with professional actors and script writers the children take part in an intensive one to one training course, which not only helps to develop their communication and social skills. It also culminates in a public production of their work - in which they are centre stage.

One of their courses is coming to an end this week, with final performances taking place this weekend.

For more information please visit: www.sceneandheard.org