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Issue # 02

Dear Friend,

When we did our first outreach to all of you to ask what you wanted to learn more about, 50 percent of you said "Insights on a New Career."

It couldn't be more apropos, as those in midlife realize that they could have a new career that lasts 25 years or more! Why not have a big THINK on this subject and start putting the pieces together as to how you will ROAR forward in an entirely new direction. I don't mean pivoting into a consultancy in your industry, but rather doing what Stephanie Young did at 53 years old. Her first career was as a book editor and writer, but then decided to become a medical doctor! In her early 60's today, she is a doctor and has a 20-year-plus run in her new profession. Her full story is in the book ROAR.

I've been thinking a lot about this, especially while I'm spending some time this month skiing in New Mexico with some of the Clinton family! I'm tempted to become a ski instructor as my next career, but it looks like the ROAR movement is going to be my new career.

It then dawned on me that my friend Peter Lichtenthal, who was a longtime Global President for several Estee Lauder brands, stepped out of his first career and has now committed himself to a whole new career as an executive advisor/coach, specializing in helping people transition to that new place. He is the perfect person to share some thoughts on finding that new career.

Peter will be the featured expert in our first ROAR Transformation Session—at no cost to you. You can learn more here.

Now back to soaking up the amazing vistas in Santa Fe, New Mexico…


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ROAR by the Numbers
ROARing into the Super Age—a New Labor Reality
The labor force participation rate for people over the age of 75 is expected to grow by 96.5 percent over the next decade, but contract by 7.5 percent for those ages 16 to 24. Learn more about Bradley Schurman’s new book The Super Age.
Take a Moment
Vic Damone in his 50’s vs Lenny Kravitz
The Golden Girls characters were in their 50’s Mamie Eisenhower at 64 and Jill Biden at 70

We are all redefining our 50+ persona…now we need brands, marketers and entertainment companies to catch up to us!
One more thing...
Here’s how you can own your own wine label (or whatever else is your big dream)...

Resources to ROAR Into Your Next Chapter
How to Make Every Moment Count Starter Kit
How to Make Every Moment Count Starter Kit
How to Make Every Moment Count Starter Kit
Exclusive access to tools that help you to reimagine the next chapter of your life.
In this free webinar and companion guide, I’ll show you a new perspective on what life over 50 can look like:
Rekindle a dream or start a new journey
Start a new career or launch a business
Find new love, romance, or relationships
Prioritize learning or go back to school
Venture into brand new ways of living
ROAR into the second half of your life (before it's too late)
ROAR into the second half of your life (before it's too late)

In ROAR into the Second Half of Your Life - Before It’s Too Late, longtime publishing executive and author Michael Clinton offers those considering midlife transformation a proven process to achieve a passionate and fulfilling life. With expert insights and actionable techniques, the book offers an empowering path for reimaging and embracing your future through a dynamic process called ROAR:

Reimagine yourself
Own who you are
Act on what’s next
Reassess your relationships

Michael shows readers how to ROAR into their future. Demonstrated through his own example, along with tips, resources, and true stories from over forty people who didn’t let their age or other setbacks stop them, readers will aspire to pursue their goals and get back to a life well-lived. Prescriptive and inspiring. ROAR will motivate, entertain, and transform readers.

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