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Issue # 03

Dear Friend,

Every Spring, we are reminded of new beginnings. It’s a season of new promises, as nature restores itself and it is a metaphor for how you too can find a new beginning by reimagining yourself at midlife.

When I check out my garden in the Spring (along with my pup, Hannah), it is also when I do some personal Spring cleaning! How is the year shaping up? Am I accomplishing what I set out to do for the year? Am I reviewing my 2022 life journal, something that I do the first week of every month to keep myself accountable to my goals? It’s a good time to make sure you are on track, as well as thinking about your long-term goals. Hopefully you are seeing some of the sprouts that you planted at the beginning of the year!

In your own life garden, nurturing your plans, pulling out the weeds and watering your dreams is critical. Many of you joined our first ROAR session with Peter Lichtenthal to learn about how you can start a second career at 50 or 60. You may have just started a new health and fitness regimen (I’m happy to announce that I’ll be a regular columnist in Men’s Health magazine starting this April). You might have decided to engage in lifelong learning (see “One More Thing” below) or started your new life layer!

Only the gardener can make his or her garden grow. Let 2022 be the year that your own garden flourishes. Happy Spring.


March 22, 2022
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ROAR by the Numbers
It is estimated that over the next 20 years, there will be the largest generational transfer of wealth in the history of the world. The boomers and those older than them will have $60 trillion in assets that will be transferred to the next generations or spent in that period. Now is the time for the boomers to go back to their activist roots and put some of that money to work in ways that create social impact. Imagine the possibilities.

MacKenzie Scott’s Latest Round of Giving Totals $443.5 Million So Far
Take a Moment
During a trip to Namibia, I got to practice my piloting skills over the famous Skeleton Coast, but took this picture when the other pilot took the controls! Everyone who has acquired this photo tells me that they turn to it for some visual meditation. Hope you will enjoy the moment and imagine yourself flying along with me.

One more thing...
Why Lifelong Learning Should Be Your Lifelong Pursuit

Resources to ROAR Into Your Next Chapter
How to Make Every Moment Count Starter Kit
How to Make Every Moment Count Starter Kit
How to Make Every Moment Count Starter Kit
Exclusive access to tools that help you to reimagine the next chapter of your life.
In this free webinar and companion guide, I’ll show you a new perspective on what life over 50 can look like:
Rekindle a dream or start a new journey
Start a new career or launch a business
Find new love, romance, or relationships
Prioritize learning or go back to school
Venture into brand new ways of living
ROAR into the second half of your life (before it's too late)
ROAR into the second half of your life (before it's too late)

In ROAR into the Second Half of Your Life - Before It’s Too Late, longtime publishing executive and author Michael Clinton offers those considering midlife transformation a proven process to achieve a passionate and fulfilling life. With expert insights and actionable techniques, the book offers an empowering path for reimaging and embracing your future through a dynamic process called ROAR:

Reimagine yourself
Own who you are
Act on what’s next
Reassess your relationships

Michael shows readers how to ROAR into their future. Demonstrated through his own example, along with tips, resources, and true stories from over forty people who didn’t let their age or other setbacks stop them, readers will aspire to pursue their goals and get back to a life well-lived. Prescriptive and inspiring. ROAR will motivate, entertain, and transform readers.

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