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An Up-Front Advantage

Kansas Mod Center has a bold mission and a design solution to match for its Boeing 777-300ER freighter conversions. We helped introduce their convention-defying forward cargo door and the fuel, range and payload advantages that KMC’s design delivers. With an informative website and easy-to-follow copy, we communicate their unique advantages, helping establish Wichita’s veteran team and expertise as a major force in the market.


Fly Global, Start Local

When you fly Wichita Eisenhower National Airport, you empower our region to grow. Wichita’s business leaders have made flying out of ICT a priority, leading the way and making an impact. Videos and digital ads of community leaders Jon Rolph and Nicole Easton anchored a new campaign showing ICT’s competitive advantage. To get more routes and destinations, see why they say, “I Fly Wichita.”


One Website? We Can Do That

Phoenix Defense has become a sizable provider of engineering services and aerospace manufacturing for the military, government and other customers. Problem was, its websites grew, too, making it hard to get a clear view of its companies and capabilities. They came to us for help streamlining multiple sites into one and, to borrow Phoenix Defense’s motto, we said, “We can do that.” Now, with clear language and easy-to-follow structure, they have one branded website that explains what they do and – vital for a growing company – tells how you can join a team that designs simulation software, manufactures aerospace parts and operates field training.


Choose Your Path

There’s more than one way to go far in the construction industry. You can start straight out of high school, or take a college route. Through Build Up Kansas, we’re educating young people how they can fast track into these high-paying jobs that are in great demand. New ads hit social media where students are and shareable videos show other recent grads succeeding in jobs they love. To address the growing demand for skilled work, the BuildUpKs.com website has a full version in Spanish, as well.


Captivating an Audience

Comprehensive social media support and engagement gives power to the content a brand produces and leads to earned media opportunities. In Clay Lacy Aviation’s case, it’s easy to showcase the legendary service and private aviation lifestyle the team provides. Focusing on a targeted audience, the right content and strategy has created 20+% year-over-year audience growth – and generated sales leads.


Honoring a Visionary

Under the wings of Doc, the B-29 bomber jewel that calls Wichita home, aviation, aerospace and community leaders gathered to honor Dr. John Tomblin, the 2022 Wichita Aero Club Trophy winner. The powerhouse behind Wichita State’s National Institute of Aviation Research, Dr. Tomblin has been a key driver of momentum for the university, community and state within aviation.

News You Can Use

Next Generation of Leadership

For nearly 35 years, Sonia has guided our agency, delivering impactful marketing and helping brands fly high. We’re pleased to announce that Ashley is building on that legacy, taking over the day-to-day operations in her role as president. Sonia’s continuing to lead us creatively and serving as chair of the board. Wish them congratulations in their new roles.


Ready for GA4?

On July 1, digital analytics as we know it will change. Google’s Universal Analytics (UA) will stop recording new data, and a shiny new dashboard known as GA4 will take over the job. But don’t panic! There’s still time to prepare for the switch and not lose a beat in the transition.



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