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Brain Training Benefits Children

Last month, we focused on our hearts. Thank you to all who "shared the love" with our children and families. This month, we're focusing on the brain. Meet "Jeff" a child whose family is getting therapy in our Adoption Preservation Program. Jeff had been having terrible nightmares,  every night. This affected the whole family. Jeff was exhausted every day and his school work and behavior suffered. Fortunately, for Jeff and his family, The Baby Fold has an amazing tool to help kids retrain their brains- to help make new neuropathways- so that they can focus, learn, and heal from trauma. Brain Paint (think EEG) is a computer program that allows us to see brain activity and through neurofeedback, change brain waves and pathways so that the child can learn to focus more, and deal with trauma without reliving it. Best practice is for a child to have 12-20 sessions, about 30 minutes at a time. The child simply responds to images and sounds by clicking a mouse. Not exactly a fun game, but not stressful either. We are seeing amazing results. Just ask Jeff. After only 5 weeks of treatment, his nightmares are completely gone. Jeff's brain has learned how to make new connections so that he can "let go" of some of his painful past.

If you want to support proven and innovative therapies that help children and families, click here to join our team.

Spring into Action!

Adaptive Physical Education is more than fun and games- but don't tell the Hammitt School kids that. They're having too much fun to know that gym class is good for them. Mark Reiss, the APE instructor makes sure that, in addition to physical fitness, the children are learning about safety, teamwork, sportsmanship, and self-regulation. "Many kids here struggle with social skills, sensory issues, and the effects of chronic stress." Carefully planned activities address these challenges in a really fun way. Mark reminds us that although we hold kids accountable for their behavior, we are in "the business of forgiveness," ready to give every child a fresh start each day as they learn through sports.

Norris Porter Joins The Baby Fold

We are thrilled to announce that Norris Porter is our Assistant Vice President of Major Gifts and Planned Giving. Norris brings both skill and passion to his work with donors. Retiring after 30 successful years at ISU, Norris has chosen an encore career at The Baby Fold focusing on providing a strong future for children and families. If you would like to welcome Norris and talk about how you can impact our children, families, and community together, please give him a call at (309) 451-7204, or cell (309) 706-9242, or email him at nporter@thebabyfold.org.

Baby Fold VP Wins Top Communication Award

Congratulations to Aimee Beam, Vice President of Development and Public Relations for being selected AWC's 2017 Outstanding Woman in Communications! We are so pleased that Aimee received this special recognition in our community and are thankful for her tremendous efforts to strengthen The Baby Fold's mission through the use of her talents.

State Farm Doubles Your Investment

Attention State Farm employees and retirees! Your gifts to The Baby Fold, up to $1,500 each year, will be matched by State Farm Insurance. The Baby Fold and State Farm share a commitment to seeing each person reach their highest potential.  Please go to www.cybergrants.com/statefarm/gives to make a gift or payroll deduction. Your generous donations will do twice as much good building strength and well-being in our community.