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Embracing our Second Act

18 months into this 3-year planned initiative, we are committed to deepening our work in areas that have proved impactful.

Inside this newsletter, read stories from the field about how our partners are creating tangible outcomes for inner city residents, and find out how we are crystallizing the LEDlab model and starting to share it out.

Binners' Project creates pathways for inclusive City planning. LEDlab Project Coordinator Brandon Toews reflects.

DTES Market saves lives with innovative overdose prevention response. Learn how you can help.

CKX profiles LEDlab as 'Shift Disturber' on November 22. Tickets on sale now. 

And other news...

Binners' Project completes another successful Coffee Cup Revolution!

We've moved! LEDlab has relocated to SFU Charles Chang Innovation Centre where we share the office with one of our parent organizations RADIUS and a crew of social and environmental ventures. 


The Local Economic Development Lab partners with community organizations to explore innovative ways to build a more vibrant and inclusive local economy in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

LEDlab is an initiative of Ecotrust Canada and RADIUS SFU.