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-The Telegraph prints that the CSJ led on the sending of an open letter to the Chancellor signed by seventy of the CSJ’s Alliance members, calling on the Government to reverse its peculiar decision to cap tax relief for charitable donations. In response, the Prime Minister was forced to defend the plans and promised “We will work on this issue over the coming months to make sure we don’t disadvantage those organisations that rely on quite large donations.” Read more here.


-In the wake of the shooting of five-year-old Thushara Kamaleswaran, Christian Guy, CSJ Policy Director, has spoken to BBC London about the need to tackle gangs. To be broadcast soon on BBC London as part of an invsetigtion into gangs.


-The report put out by the Riots, Communities and Victims Panel highlighted, as causes of the riots, issues which the CSJ has long raised as drivers of social breakdown: failing schools, worklessness, family breakdown, and, a broken criminal justice system. The riots panel is wrong, however, to downplay the role of gang culture last summer. Statistics reveal that within London alone one in five of those arrested was a gang member. Furthermore, the Panel’s own analysis shows that the riots took place in areas with high gang activity. Read more here.