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Christmas Thoughts from Pastor Lori

I love to tell and retell the story of the birth of Jesus to the children in our Residential Treatment Center. Recently, we were reviewing the details of that Holy Night so long ago. The kids could tell me about how Jesus was born in Bethlehem, which means “house of bread,” and that the shepherds were the first to hear about Jesus’ birth. They could even describe the angels. We talked about the wise men that came later to visit Mary and little Jesus and the three gifts that are mentioned in Scripture- gold, frankincense, and myrrh. With that detail, one child exclaimed, “Oh man, we gave Him that LAST year!" Well, maybe we focused too much on the gift giving. So, we backed up and talked about the shepherds. Among the lowest on the social ladder. Nothing really special about them. Just normal working guys, watching after their sheep.  Probably pretty dirty, sweaty and tired. Yet, God chose these normal guys to hear the first Noel. They were the first visitors to the holy family. Luke 2:16 records their excitement, “So they hurried off and found Mary and Joseph, and the Baby who was lying in the manger.” Did they leave their 99 sheep to see the Lamb of God? At any rate, they brought no gifts- only awe, wonder, and praise. If you are stressed out over the gift giving, parties, unrealistic expectations of this season, try to relax. If you are discouraged or grieving this Christmas, take hold of some hope. If you feel you are not worthy to peer into the manger, know that everyone is called to the Christ Child. God simply wants to share His Son with the world. No gifts required. Just you. Come to the manger with awe, wonder, and worship. What a joy it is to experience the Grace of God wrapped in swaddling clothes. So, what should our response be to receiving this unearned gift? Gratitude and a sharing of that gift to those who need to know the love of Christ through us! At The Baby Fold, we get to channel the gifts that you are inspired to give to make our work possible.  If you have been blessed, would you consider making a year-end donation to The Baby Fold?

Click here to give to online today. Your support changes the future for our children. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Music Heals and Inspires Children

The Baby Fold has been blessed to have music therapy services donated to us over the past year. We have seen first-hand the healing power of music. Music can help our children learn to relax and focus, to communicate complicated feelings, and to connect with others. When they create lyrics to tell their life stories, they gain a sense of self and their place in the world. When they create music together, they bond in a powerful way. The residential children have performed several times in recent months and their families, friends, caregivers, and teachers are always impressed. Even the most timid children overcome stage fright because their desire to share their talent is greater than their anxiety. Whether it’s playing the ukulele, singing a song, tapping a drum, or playing the piano, we love it! Playing music is therapeutic, and so is listening. When we share the experience, it creates memories that can help to heal and connect us all.

Come to the Illinois Symphony Orchestra January 20th!

On January 20 at 7:30 p.m. The Illinois Symphony Orchestra will provide an evening of "American Voices" featuring the music of Copland, Gershwin, Barber, and Dvorak. Under the baton of Aram Demirjian, and starring Julia Bullock, soprano, the concert will appeal to a wide variety of audience members. The Symphony will be giving 50% of the proceeds from the tickets we sell to The Baby Fold. So, if you enjoy the Symphony, January 20 is a perfect evening to attend. Click here to print your ticket order form. Dollars raised will help fund the music therapy program. For questions, please contact Elaine Cousins at elaine.cousins@frontier.com. Ticket orders should be placed by January 12. This partnership with the ISO is music to our ears! 

Online gifts can me made through our secure website by clicking HERE. Thank you for investing in our children!