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New Year Resolutions...

Each new year brings with it hope to make positive changes in our lives. Many of us make new year resolutions. Eat less-exercise more, spend less- save more. The list goes on. How are you doing? So often our resolutions lose steam before we get all the Christmas decorations put away.
At The Baby Fold, our resolution has been the same for our 115 year history- we resolve to help families connect, heal, and grow. Our services have changed over the years, but our commitment to the well- being of children and families has not. So here's to 2017, our 115th year of excellence in care for kids and families! If you'd like to join our winning team and keep The Baby Fold strong into the future click here.

Choose Your Seat

Filling a classroom with large bouncing balls, wiggle seats, and fidget toys may sound like a recipe for chaos. But in fact, giving kids the opportunity to bounce, wiggle and squirm in the classroom helps them focus. Flexible seating is provided in many of our classrooms, and we have seen some great results. When sensory needs are met, higher levels of academic and social learning are possible. "When we give our students the power of choice, we offer them a level of safety, so they are better able to learn and form connections with each other and with adults. We've already seen some great results!" said Kelli Marion, one of the teachers at Hammitt Junior/Senior High. Kelli witnessed two young men in her classroom, who had struggled to connect, relaxing in comfortable chairs and having a conversation about a video game they both loved. Kelli remarked, "It's so nice to hear laughter from those two!"

LA Dodgers Star Pitches a Message of Hope to Hammitt Students

Brock Stewart, pitcher for the LA Dodgers made a surprise visit to Hammitt Elementary at The Baby Fold. This great pitcher showed some skill in the "outfield" too as he deftly fielded questions from young students. Through each conversation, Brock shared a message about the value of setting goals and determination. Each student was thrilled to receive a personal autographed picture of Brock. Thank you to Cheryl Shook, classroom teacher, for bringing Brock and his positive message to Hammitt kids.

State Farm Doubles Your Investment

Attention State Farm employees and retirees! Your gifts to The Baby Fold, up to $1,500 each year, will be matched by State Farm Insurance. The Baby Fold and State Farm share a commitment to seeing each person reach their highest potential.  Please go to www.cybergrants.com/statefarm/gives to make a gift or payroll deduction. Your generous donations will do twice as much good building strength and well-being in our community.