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Welcome to this edition of our Society Newsletter. 

In this Issue, we look forward to our Annual Meeting in Lisbon. Regardless of how experienced we are, learning is a continuous process. And every year at this time we bring our professional community together to share new and emerging best practice and to learn from one another. 

This AM will be the best attended of all our AMs and we thank the Scientific Committee for creating a rich and varied programme of activities and content. Of course, we are SESAM and, when we come together, we like to network and, importantly, to socialise.  Again, we have a high number of First Time Attendees. 

We look forward to welcoming them into our professional community as we gather together again. So, please follow us on social media to see how you can get involved. And check out our many fringe activities including our AGM (Members Only), SimUni, SESAM Mentoring Progamme and more. As excited as I am to meet in Lisbon? And if by chance you haven't done so yet, remember that it is not too late to register to attend! I look forward to seeing you all in Lisbon.

Pier Luigi


Mentoring Matters; SESAM Mentoring Programme


The SESAM Mentoring Programme is a working alliance in which individuals work together over time, on a one-to-one basis, to support the personal and professional growth, development, and success of the relational partners through the provision of career and psychosocial support.

This Mentoring Programme focuses on building leadership/education/expertise pipelines by providing the opportunity for the mentee to gain exposure and mentorship opportunities from senior healthcare simulation experts.

If you are interested in joining the initiative find out more here or contact Gustavo Norte

Community Matters: Lisbon 2023

Dear SESAM members,

It has been a lovely challenge and a great pleasure to start my role as chair of the SESAM Scientific Committee and lead the preparation of an exciting conference programme for our forthcoming AM in Lisbon. Its theme is “Shaping the future of simulation together”, and we have strived to make the event inclusive, engaging and representative of the current variation of practice.

The programme offers access to over 200 hours of content, over 70 scientific workshops, six industry workshops, 9 plenary sessions, an ample choice of parallel short communications, “3 in 3” presentations, and two social events.

All of this would not have been possible without an amazing Scientific Committee composed of four core members, 15 associate members and two local Organising Committee members. I want to thank them all for their excellent contribution to the scientific rigour of this conference.

Prior to and during the Meeting we also have five off site visits:

CUF Simulation Center
Tuesday 13 June 11:00 - 12:30

NOVA Medical School
Tuesday 13 June 15:00 - 16:30

Hospital da Luz Learning Health (HLLH)}
Tuesday 13 June 15:00 - 16:30

Champalimaud Foundation
Wednesday 14 June 18:30 - 20:00

Lisbon dispatch centre (PH-SiG only)
Thursday 15 June 16:30 - 18:00

Please note that pre-registration is required in order to attend the off-site visit.

I hope to see you all in Lisbon, enjoying these opportunities to learn and network!

Cristina Diaz Navarro
Chair of the Scientifc Committee



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Flashback: Seville 2022

As we approach our Annual Meeting, we are pleased to take a look back at our Annual Meeting in Seville last year.

View the video here


Prepare for Lisbon 2023

Whilst hosting SESAM, Lisbon will also be celebrating its patron saints with a festive atmosphere: music, dance and much more.

Find out more here


Lisbon will be busy!  Make sure that you have your accommodation ready for your visit

There are links available on the SESAM website Here

Scientific Programme

AGM and EC Elections


This year’s meeting will also see the election of a new President Elect, Vice President and Treasurer.  

For more details on the nominees or to submit a nomination please visit the "Executive Committee Elections" page here

Nominees should be available to attend the SESAM Annual Meeting from 13 - 16 June 2023 to allow the transfer of roles.


Don't miss your chance to vote!

As a SESAM member you will be invited to vote for the appointment of these roles online through an annonymous survey from 30 May - 3 June 2023.