Catch! - Recreational fishing news from DPIRD Fisheries, Western Australia
Issue No.61 (special edition), December 2021

Abalone fishing to go ahead this weekend

Recreational abalone fishers on a reef

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development advises of a risk rating of MEDIUM for the recreational abalone session from 7am to 8am this Saturday, 11 December 2021.


More information on the predicted conditions is available from our website.

  • The Department asks fishers to please keep in mind the following safety tips when fishing for abalone:
  • Check the conditions. If they are too rough or you are unsure, don't go in.
  • Fish at a patrolled beach if possible.
  • Take note of the number of any BEN signs in the area.
  • Wear a wetsuit or light clothing that will not become too heavy when wet, and protective footwear.
  • Carry your catch in a loose-weave net bag; this will allow water to pass through and not become a dragging weight.
  • Attach your measuring gauge to your wrist; don't hang it around your neck.
  • Study the waves before you get into the water and keep an eye on the swell while fishing – it is easy to be injured on reefs.
  • If you do get into trouble, try to stay calm and raise one arm (an international distress signal) to attract help.

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